Tales from The New Lotus House Fashion Show

{On me: Dress: c/o Ramona LaRue. Belt: Vintage. Necklace: Frankie Miami. Shoes: Zara via Bib + Tuck. On Mills: Dress: c/o Ramona LaRue. Shoes: Target. Bag: Gap. Photographed by me.}

Last week, Milly made her fashion show debut. Stylist extraordinaire Elysze Held of StyleOutoftheCity asked us to be a part of the grand opening of the new Lotus House, which included a fashion show featuring the work of designers like Arianne Brown of Ramona LaRue and Filomena Fernandez, who graciously donated their designs to the thrift store to help raise funds for its new location. Lotus House, as you may know is a charity that provides sanctuary and support, education, tools and resources to homeless women and children. It’s a beautiful organization and I encourage you to donate your unwanted items to the charity, as the funds go to these women and children hoping to make their lives a little better. It was an honor walking alongside these women in the show. And so exciting to see Milly make her way down the runway. Here’s a look at our memorable night. 

We’re backstage and ready to get ready already.

Mills getting her hair done by the stylists at Rik Rak.

And she’s dressed and ready to roll.

Love her all day long! Shireen Sandoval and me wearing our first looks for the show.

Kiddo gives me a big good luck hug before I take my first look from Fox House down the runway.

And then it was her turn.

Final look for the show. Me in Fox House and Milly in a sparkly little number.

Here we come.

We did it! We did it! As soon as we got backstage, Milly gave me a huge high five and said, “That was so much fun.” She can’t wait to do it again.

A giant thank you to Elysze Held for asking us to be a part of this amazing event. And to her co-chair Adrienne bon Haes, who isn’t pictured here, but actually made one the amazing dresses in the fashion show. We had a blast.