Look Both Ways Before Crossing

My dad introduced me to the Beatles when I was a kid. And hubby and I introduced Milly to them right after she was born. We’re all big fans. So, when I went on the Miami Art Museum bike tour of Wynwood a couple of weekends ago and I spotted this tripped out crosswalk, the first thing I thought of was a modern day Abbey Road. It’s a work commissioned by Miami Biennale and the Knight Foundation by artist Carlos Cruz-Diez and dedicated to the late Tony Goldman, the man who made Wynwood happen. And it’s the first-ever artistic cross walk in Miami. Upon seeing it, I got the idea to shoot kiddo and I re-interpreting the album cover. And that’s exactly what we this past weekend on a brisk Sunday morning. Just down the street, Art Wynwood was showing local artists’ work in a Basel-style tent. And here we…Read More



Electric Blogarella Bella: Marina del Rosario Huang

{Meet Marina.} I spied this casually cool fashionista on a sunny Monday afternoon in Miami Beach. What caught my eye was her matching orange shorts and sunnies. Turns out, Marina is a artist, whose works ranges from sculptures to origami. And just like her, I’m equally obsessed with the magical healing powers of vitamin E.  Name: Marina del Rosario Huang Claim to fame: Construction Controller and artist (in sabbatical). See my work at marina-huang.com. Wearing: Fendi sunglasses, Isabel Lu shorts, Coach shoes and the bag was picked up from a street vendor in Wynwood. Sum up your style: I’m a chameleon, but I love a classic look with a little something funky. Most treasured item in your closet: Leopard-print corset from Trashy Lingerie. Secret shopping go-to spot: The Woodbury Outlets in N.Y. are my favorite place to shop, but in Miami it’s Barney’s outlet at Sawgrass. Beauty tip: Pure vitamin E oil…Read More



Be a Photographer

Put this gizmo to work. Tomorrow night is Art Walk. And recently today there was some hoopla about food trucks not being permitted, which you can read here. But, remember, you’re there for the art, not food. So get over the fact that you can’t have fries with that and make some of your own art. Beached Miami is holding a contest, the Insta Art Walk Challenge, where you are encouraged to shoot what inspires you via Instagram tomorrow night. After snapping, add this stuff in the caption: #instawalk305 and@beachedmiami via twitter or Instagram and upload. The collage of pics will be featured on beachedmiami.com Monday morn and you’ll get a photo credit on the site (so you can show mom you really are doing something with your life.) The best pic wins gift certificates around the Wynwood area. It’s a cool, fun idea to get the community involved in…Read More



Attention Vintage Hoarders

V to the i to the n to the t to the a to the g to the e. Last weekend, when I was cruising around Wnywood on the bike tour, I ran into Lester’s for some tea. Before I even got in the door, I saw it: A classic pic of a Vogue-esue lady with the word “Vintage” looming over her head. Adrenaline rush. Vintage shopping, for me, anyway, is the equivalent of a chocoholic biting into a rich, decadent truffle. I’m a junkie and knowing I can have something from the past that no one else will have is my fix. And I plan to completely fall off the wagon on Thursday, when the hipster haven magazine/coffee house turns into a vintage salon with designer pieces from around the globe. Turns out, the owner of Lesters’ wife is a stylist and has been working with vintage collectors to…Read More



What to Wear on a Bike Tour

My wheels for the day. As soon as I bought my tickets for the Miami Art Museum (MAM) Contemporaries Wynwood Bike Tour, my first thought what, “What does one wear to a bike tour?” And it’s a question that plagued me for a whole month. So much so, I actually quizzed people about it. And maybe I took pics of outfits and send them to Lauren Gnazzo, but we won’t get into that because it’s a tad of obsessive. But anyway … So, the age old Q of what I am going to wear got put off until 30 minutes prior to the trip. And since we were headed into hipster country I gave my closet a hipster rundown. And here’s what I came up with: I Was I really going to leave in knee socks? Denim and a jumper, maybe? Or giant husband hooodie? In the end, it doesn’t…Read More