Back in Black and White

During Basel, I sat in on a lunch for Harper’s Bazaar where I got word that black and white stripes and patterns were going to be en vogue for spring. Let’s be honest, even if they weren’t, I was still going to wear them anyway. But knowing they were filled me with the kind of joy you get when you find the last pair of size 7s on the clearance rack. I have a block of my closet dedicated  to the color combo. Some of it is new. Most of it is vintage. Here’s an example I unearthed for a wedding I attended this past weekend when it was way cold and I needed sleeves. It wants to be Pucci, but it isn’t, but that’s OK because it is still on point for the season. Funny how something I scored it at thrift store adventure in Fort Lauderdale a decade…Read More



Look Both Ways Before Crossing

My dad introduced me to the Beatles when I was a kid. And hubby and I introduced Milly to them right after she was born. We’re all big fans. So, when I went on the Miami Art Museum bike tour of Wynwood a couple of weekends ago and I spotted this tripped out crosswalk, the first thing I thought of was a modern day Abbey Road. It’s a work commissioned by Miami Biennale and the Knight Foundation by artist Carlos Cruz-Diez and dedicated to the late Tony Goldman, the man who made Wynwood happen. And it’s the first-ever artistic cross walk in Miami. Upon seeing it, I got the idea to shoot kiddo and I re-interpreting the album cover. And that’s exactly what we this past weekend on a brisk Sunday morning. Just down the street, Art Wynwood was showing local artists’ work in a Basel-style tent. And here we…Read More



Electric Blogarella Bella: Nina Johnson-Milewski

{Meet Nina.} When Nina Johnson-Milewski walks into a room, you don’t miss her. Maybe it’s her presence. Maybe it’s her awesome hair. Maybe it’s her artsy, carefree style. The gallery owner, married to Daniel, the mustached guy who owns Lester’s in Wynwood, plays by her own rules. She started up her own version of Brooklyn Rail. She totally gets Miami’s art scene. She owns an impressive vintage clothing collection. And she knows who she is. Check out her Q&A below for a better look at Nina—and a laugh or two. Be sure to check out the latest exhibition at Gallery Diet, too. Astral Weeks Curated by Van Hanos launches tonight. It’s a great diversion from all this swim week madness. Name: Nina Johnson-Milewski Claim to Fame: Owner and Director of Gallery Diet, as well as Publisher and Founder of the Miami Rail. Wearing: My favorite ironic piece of clothing: high waist jeggings, a cropped Hanes T-shirt and ballet…Read More