Road to Nowhere

{Top: Touch Boutique. Skirt: Blush Boutique. Necklace: c/o Express. Bracelet: Vintage. Shoes: Jessica Simpson.} Robert Frost wrote in The Road Not Taken: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I  I took the one less traveled by, And it has made all the difference. In life you don’t always have Google Maps telling you to turn here or exist there. If Apple were so kind as to offer one, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. But the truth is, sometimes you have to rely on your intuition to guide you. The paths you choose set the course for where you will be today, tomorrow and 10 years down the road. Too often I want to floor it and get to the end of the path to see where it leads. And after a series of wrong turns I just want to throw the car in reverse and act as though…Read More



Orange Crush

{Jacket: Touch Boutique. Tank: Gap. Shorts: Target. Shoes: Zara. Bag: Vintage Reign. Necklace: c/o Jami } Because you knew this wasn’t the last time you’d see these shoes. And speaking of orange, some of my favorite songs are about the color (hence the name of this post). I actually interviewed R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe once upon a time. He was awesome and motivated me to vote (it was an election year and voting was something I’d never done before). He told me if I ever wanted to see a woman be president, and I do, that I needed to get out there and vote for the party that would most likely pave that way. So I did. And I’m still waiting, Mr. Stipe. Still waiting. But I know it will happen eventually. Whoa, am I talking politics in June. This heat must be getting to me. Photographed by David Marc Harris.



Crazy Pants

{Touch Boutique pants. Alexis top. Elizabeth and James shoes. Fly Boutique vintage necklace.} In my grandmother’s backyard is the most perfect tree for crawling up into. And that’s exactly what I did when I was a kid. I’d wedge myself between the branches, lifting and pulling, until I reached my limit. Then, I’d sit on the branch and take it all in. One day on my way back down, however, I left my good grace behind, got stuck on a branch, ripped my pants and was left hanging there, like a human Christmas tree ornament. Thankfully, I didn’t get these wild ones stuck in a branch. But climbing trees in platform wedges is a feat in and of itself. You can find these shoes on Bib + Tuck. Use the code electricblogarella to become a member. And seriously, make a date to clean out your closet this weekend and list your stuff. Your reward? Free…Read More




{California Waves Polka Dot Bikini Bottom and Hula Honey Halter Bikini Top c/o Macys.com from the womens swimwear selection. Carter & Co First Mate beach bag c/o Carter & Co. Kaanas espadrilles c/o Kaanas. Fly Boutique vintage silver bangle. Touch Boutique turquoise bangle. Kiddo in Hello Kitty tankini. Target glasses. Havaianas flip-flops.}  I like long walks on the beach, sunsets and … just kidding. I do like a good beach stroll, though. And after this weird winter-ish blast—which magically disappears mid-afternoon and then returns at night—I’m happy to be back on the beach with kiddo in tow. But as much as I love the beach, that’s how much I hate the ocean. For some reason, my family let me watch a Jaws marathon once when we were on vacation in Destin, Florida (that’s lower Alabama for those of you who haven’t ventured there). There I sat, watching the great white rip innocent swimmers limb…Read More



Look Both Ways Before Crossing

My dad introduced me to the Beatles when I was a kid. And hubby and I introduced Milly to them right after she was born. We’re all big fans. So, when I went on the Miami Art Museum bike tour of Wynwood a couple of weekends ago and I spotted this tripped out crosswalk, the first thing I thought of was a modern day Abbey Road. It’s a work commissioned by Miami Biennale and the Knight Foundation by artist Carlos Cruz-Diez and dedicated to the late Tony Goldman, the man who made Wynwood happen. And it’s the first-ever artistic cross walk in Miami. Upon seeing it, I got the idea to shoot kiddo and I re-interpreting the album cover. And that’s exactly what we this past weekend on a brisk Sunday morning. Just down the street, Art Wynwood was showing local artists’ work in a Basel-style tent. And here we…Read More



Fringe Benefits

There’s just something about a fringe blazer that makes you want to spin around like a record. Either that, or extreme gesticulating will ensure upon wearing one, you know, so you can watch your fringe dance. And anything that makes you want to dance is a good thing, right? {Touch Boutique fringe blazer. H&M top. Prps jeans. Aldo booties. Vintage boho necklace.} Photographed by David Marc Harris.



Four Finds: Local Spots to Check in for Last-Minute Gifts

Tick tock. You’ve only got a few shopping days left until the BIG DAY, Christmas. Still don’t have something for everyone on your list? Well, if you are in the MIA, stop in to these four spots to score last-minute gifts. Bonus: You’ll support local businesses, you procrastinator, you. Stop in at: Style Ctzn Addy: 218 NW 25th St., Wynwood, 305-389-1545 Find: The Wynwood boutique carries jewelry, like this necklace for $15, as well as homemade soaps from Jacq’s Organics, apparel for him and her, pillows, handbags, makeup and more. Stop in at: Sweat Records Addy: 5505 N.E. Second Ave., Miami, 786-693-9309 Find: Because there are music-loving guys on your list, stop in for vinyl awesomeness, like this Flaming Lips and friends collab, music books, CDs, quirky knick-knacks and more. Stop in at: Touch Boutique Addy: 7231 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, 786-235-8633 Find: This Upper East Side boutique is packed with awesome accessories, like these bracelets for $25 each, as…Read More



Confessions of a Structure Junkie

Give me a circle skirt with crinoline underneath and be still my beating vintage heart. I don’t know what it is about flounce (and I’m talking 1950′s-prom-proportioned-skirt flounce), but I love it. Turns out, voluminous frocks aren’t just lock into the era of yacht-sized cars, aprons, rockabilly and martinis. Flounce makes a modern-day move thanks to neoprene. The fabric, which is basically what wetsuits are made of, can hold its own—literally. Case in point, my dress. I found it recently at a pre-Black Friday sale (yes, those exist) and just knew it had Basel written all over it. What can I say, I’m a sucker for structure and a skirt that stand out. {Touch Boutique neoprene dress. Steve Madden shoes. Vintage necklace and bag.}  



Back in Black

On the second night of Art Basel, I tossed on my Skaist Taylor fury vest and hit the town: Whitecube, the tent at Soho, Le Baron at the Gale. Fun times and not-so-fabulous foot pain. This was the night that was the beginning of the end of my feet. Oh well, I can sleep when I’m dead and live in flats when I’m old and grey. Until then, I’ll keep rocking my heels and bitch to anyone who will listen. But seriously, I love this vest that I scored at the Neiman Marcus Target collab. My favorite part are the structured shoulders. And I love that it’s fake fur, which fits with my vegetarian lifestyle and allows me to keep my obsession with fashion alive and well. If only I could find an equally happy medium for my poor feet. Skaist Taylor Neiman Marcus Target fur vest. Touch Boutique bodysuit….Read More