A Funny Story About Birthdays and Balloons

{Kiddo in all her 9th birthday glory.} I was scrolling through Instagram about a month or so back and I spotted a pic of a girl surrounded by balloons. It was insta (pun intended) love. Totally recreating this for my annual bday shoot. And I’ll do one for kid, too (we’re a whopping four days apart.) I could see it now, it was going to be epic. So after school last week, I picked up kid, hit to the local party store, picked out three dozen balloon in spring hues and then waited an hour while one guy filled all of them. One. At. A. Time. For whatever reason I managed to muster the patience of a saint. This was, after all, going to be the best picture ever. EVER. So here I am shoving three dozen-plus balloons into my Jeep only to get home, set them up and realize…Read More



Tropical Formal

{Wearing: Blue Waves Dress: TouchDolls. Shoes: Steve Madden. Herba Earrings: c/o Tarbay. Hair: Glamsquad. Photographed by Jorge Camaraza.} One of the many trips I’ve been on this summer was to Captive Island for a wedding. A wedding in which the invite read “Tropical Formal” as the attire. Tropical formal? What does that mean? Is that like a tux and flip-flops? Is it a bedazzled bikini with a floor-length sarong? And what kind of handbag goes with that look? As a freelancer for The Knot (my job, when I’m not emptying the thoughts that roll around in my head here on the blog), I felt I needed to nail this. I mean, I work for a wedding magazine, the wedding magazine. Not being able to decode wedding dress attire, well, that’s kind of embarrassing, no? So I started the search, the quest for this tropical formal situation that had me completely perplexed. I stepped into…Read More



It’s an Earth Day Yoga Celebration in Miami

{Wearing: Bikini: Montce Swimwear at Blush Boutique. Bracelets: Touch Boutique. Photographed by Milly Jane Harris.} If you’ve happened over to my Instagram, you may have noticed I’m on another round of pose-a-day posts. Why? Because I’m gearing up for an awesome Earth Day event, which just happens to be this Wednesday. Come join me for Leggings Lounge at the Shelborne for yoga, beer, snacks and an overall good time, thanks to Think Red Inc, Shelborne Wyndham Grand, Morimoto, Lucky Buddha Beer and Athleta. The party kicks off at 7. Be sure to RSVP to: Can’t wait to strike a pose with you.



I Let My Six Year Old Dress Me For the Week: Day 5

{Wearing: Top: Touch Boutique. Baroque Print Leggings: c/o Peony & Me. Boots: Vintage. Headband: Urban Outfitters. Photographed by me.} Well, I saved the most outrageous for last. Day 5, or as Milly calls it “French Revolution.” She’s on the money because these Peony & Me leggings are actually called Baroque Print, which neither of us were aware of until a little post-shoot Internet research. Aside from being on the money with the time period aspect, there’s a lot going on here. So, I had to ask: Me: Why this shirt? Mills: Because it looks like the French Revolution. Me: How? Mills: The puffy sleeves. And the boots look like a soldier. Me: And this wreath headband? Mills: I like the leaves. Me: Where would I wear this? Mills: To go shopping. Or a museum. I actually didn’t wear this one past the back yard. Mostly because I had to be in Winter…Read More



Leather Weather

{Wearing: On Me: Dress: Touch. Moto Vest: Vintage. Booties: Bib + Tuck. Bag: Marc Jacobs. Necklace: Vintage from Fly Boutique. Hair: Nue Todd at Nue Studio. On Kid: Top: Gap Kids. Leggings: Target. Booties: Gap Kids. Glasses: c/o OptiWow. Photographed by me.} In recent days, several things have happened to confirm it’s my favorite time of the year: 1) Pumpkin-flavored everything has taken over stores. 2) The Autumn Mix bag of candy corn has arrived. 3) My family is posting pics of the fall festival up north and dropping hints that divinity (my most favorite sweet treat ever) will arrive 4) The guy dressed as Super Mario is back on the corner swinging his Halloween store sign 5) At 8 a.m. in Miami, it’s now 79 degrees, instead of 92. Sure, that may still sound like “summer” to you non-Miamians, but here, it’s legit fall. It’s time to start riding my…Read More



Off to Market

{Wearing: Croptop: Touch Boutique. Skirt: c/o French Connection (similar here). Necklace: c/o Delicate Raymond vintage monogrammed necklace. Bag: Marc Jacobs. Shoes: Steve Madden. Flash Tattoo: Blush. Photographed by KarGar.} Attention fashionistas, there’s a new spot to shop in South Florida. From Studio LX and Blush boutiques comes Market, a spot where staples equal both comfort and style. Is that possible? Yup, it is. Tees, harem pants, white cotton dresses, tattered jeans, boho jewels and more abound at the store at 5818 Sunset Drive. The best part: Almost everything is under $100. I got a chance to shop the store along with some of my favorite bloggers prior to the grand opening. And I’ll say this much: Good stuff. There’s even a seamstress service offered so you can get the perfect fit. As a Miami blogger, I’ve made it no secret the importance of shopping local. And this is a perfect chance…Read More



Proverb of the Day …

{Wearing: Dress: Touch Boutique. Shoes: Jimmy Choo. Bag: Naila NYC. Bracelets: The Webster for Target. Photographed by me.} Oh, social media platforms. Instagram for pics. Facebook for expressing your political views (I kid), Google + for increasing your SEO and Twitter for random thoughts—at least that’s what I use Twitter for. When I’m not posting links to my latest articles, I use it to pour out the random things that swim around in my head. Trust me, it’s an olympic-size pool in there. In fact, I’ve decided to start something new on my Twitter account. I’m calling it Proverb of the Day. Thus far, I have four: Mondays are like trying to find the “you are here” on the map of life.  A broken heart sucks. What sucks more is the person who broke it. Don’t take no for an answer. Just find someone else to answer the question until…Read More



Do Not Disturb

{Wearing: Set from Touch Boutique. Photographed by me.} The best part of staying in a hotel … jumping on the bed! But as far as the people at Epicurean know, this never happened. I’m a totally respectable hotel guest. I recently took an overnight trip to Tampa for work and stayed at the Epicurean. The place is amazing. It’s a hotel designed around a gourmand experience  with walls made from vintage wine boxes. Clearly, my kind of spot. I’ve never explored Tampa, so when I found out the hotel had vintage-looking cruisers, I hit the street and started pedalling. The town sits just off the water’s edge and the buildings have a charming quality that begs to be photographed. Speaking of photographing, a local stopped their car and yelled at me to get off the tracks, because “train tracks are dangerous.” Um, only if trains are actually coming, but thanks for the warning. After…Read More



The Great Outdoors

{Dress: Touch Boutique. Shoes: Aldo. Bracelet: c/o Express. Photographed by me.} I’ve always told myself I would make over the backyard just as soon as I finished the inside of the house. Well, that finally happened, so it was time to move to the great outdoors. I’m three weeks in and there’s still a summer’s worth left to tackle. First stop: Ikea for lawn furniture. Here’s the thing about Ikea, you can’t just go there once and get everything you need. Tomorrow they will have the final cushion you need for your couch. Tomorrow they will have the stand for your umbrella. Tomorrow you will have to drive 45 minutes, buy your kiddo mac and cheese again, pray to god they got in the last cushion you need, end up buying three more things you didn’t anticipate, run over your foot 15 times by those damn shopping cart wheels that…Read More