Trending Right Now: Boxes

Remember when grandma used to send you care packages full of gum, bookmarks, stickers and a $5 bill tucked into an envelope? And thus my obsession with getting stuff in the mail began. Now I wait at the door like a sentry soldier for the UPS guy to bring me a little somethin somethin. Apparently, I’m not alone. Box-based companies have turned what my granny did organically ¬†into a business. The best part: No obligatory thank you card required. Your credit card payment is thanks enough for boxes from OliveBox, GlossyBox and Blissmo. For paper-o-philes, OliveBox¬†ships wood-grained wonders out monthly. Inside, find books, letter presses, notecards, stickies, calendars, etc … all playing into the month’s theme, like all things Paris for February. You can read, chicken scratch, get crafty and drop a line to your real Nana, thanks to everything inside the box. Memberships start at $25 and go up…Read More