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Beach Essentials

{Wearing: Billie Jean Denim Bikini Top and Aurora Bottom: c/o Wet Swimwear. Coverup: Kore. Fendi Fanny Sunnies: c/o Edward Beiner. Photographed by Milly Jane Harris.} The other day someone asked me why I was so tan. Why? Because summer came about a month early here in Miami. I have no other option to be tan, unless I plan to hide in my house under the confines of Netflix and constant A.C. And let me tell you at 98 degrees by 10 a.m., that’s not an impossibility. But the truth is, I love the heat. It’s why I love living in Miami. And this weather is glorious. It’s that kind of weather that makes you plot, scheme and plan ways to work outside, just so you can be a part of it. BUT this weather also comes with laundry list of must haves. For starters, there’s sunscreen. You cannot leave your…Read More



Holy “It”

  {Behold: Miami’s “It” Girls: Erin, the queen of style herself Elysze, Violet, Maria, Me and Kiddo.} I don’t remember exactly how I met Elysze Held, but moments later I realized she was a legit fashion badass, noted by an Alexander McQueen bag she was carrying, one of two in the entire world. In the time that I’ve known her, I’ve decided I want to be her if/when I grow up. So, when this fashion guru called to say she’d like for Mills and I to participate in her Miami “It” Girls Indulge fashion show at Dadeland Mall, I got all verklempt and my brain went straight to, “Elysze thinks I’m an “it” girl? Mind blown. Winning.” Turns out, being an “it” girl comes with great company: Maria, Erin, Violet and a lucky winner chosen by The Women’s Fund (an org that gives back to women and also our charity…Read More



And Now a Post That Scares the Bejesus Out of Me

  I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna do it. I just did it. OMG. Yup, that’s me in all my non-makeup glory. I was going to post the one below, but that was only part of my face and it felt like cheating so I went the full monty. So why in the hell would 37-year-old me post a pic of myself sans makeup? Because I got the world’s greatest facial and I felt so good about my skin afterward that I decided to share. Whatever, I’ve always been a little TMI. Last Monday, I skidded into the valet at the Viceroy and marched up the stairs to The Spa at Viceroy to have a facial. I’ve admitted it before, facials scare me. I’m allergic to things with no rhyme or reason, so I never know what’s going to make me red and bumpy (hell, once I broke out into…Read More




{Wearing: Dress: Blush. Shoes: Zara via Bib + Tuck. Photographed by me at 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach.}   The other day I was walking into Pilates and I was 20 minutes late because of traffic and kiddo who wouldn’t get out of bed and God only knows what other outside sources that created a roadblock smack in the middle of my Friday. And while I could have easily gotten up on my soapbox about how annoyed I was with this, that and the other, I instead got smacked with a dose of gratitude. For whatever reason, my gears shifted and I started to think about all the positives happening around me. For starters, I had just finished up a fashion show the night before with kiddo and some of my best friends and mentors. And I just landed a great new job. My blog has been taking me…Read More



Happy Mama’s Day

{Wearing: (On me:) Bikini: Maaji. Hat: New York street fair. (On kiddo:) Bikini: Maaji. Hat: H&M. Photographed by me.} What’s my favorite part of being a mom? Jumping around like silly monkeys in matching Maaji bikinis? No, but that’s pretty damn close. My favorite part of being a mom is kid. She’s my favorite part. I have always said that once you have a child it’s as if your heart goes walking around outside of your body. And it’s true. Milly is my heart. Her loves are my loves. Her pains are my pains. Her joys are my joys. And with her in my life, I see the world differently. I hugged her today and told her being her mom is my favorite job. Being a mom has also helped me see my mom in a whole new light. So, as much as this post is about how much I…Read More



Four Finds for Mother’s Day

Wondering what to get mom for Mother’s Day? Here are a few of my favorite things: This Bahia Mini necklace from Tous is a sweet gift from a daughter to her mama. And this Tous scrapbook, as part of its #tenderstories offering, is the icing on top. Knowing that I can add to it with kiddo just sweetens the deal.   What do we want? Macaroons from Laduree. When do we want ’em? Now.   Want to appeal to mom’s DIY side? I love this Natural Beauty Alchemy recipe book full of beauty treatments I can concoct in my own kitchen. All mamas want to be scent-sational. What I most love about Nejma 7 is how exotic the scent is. It’s floral, powdery, woody and divine. Find it at Macy’s.



The Joys of Motherhood

{Cooking supplies (muffin tin, roller, measuring utensils, oven mitt and whisk) and apron: c/o T.J. Maxx. Photographed by me.} Being a mom is not for the faint of heart. Being a mom and having a job is a juggling act that’s worthy of the center ring at the circus. Being a single mom, having a kid and multiple jobs, well, I’m just going to go ahead and call myself Wonder Woman who has a host of Calgon-take-me-away moments. When it comes to this balancing act, it’s all about maximizing my time. (Breakfast in the car on the way to school while I tie her shoes at red lights? Been there, done that—a lot.) So when T.J. Maxx asked me to share my #MaxxMoms moments in honor of Mother’s Day, I was happy to. Mills and I love to bake together. Plus, when we bake, it means breakfast for the week…Read More



Here’s Why I’m Smiling …

{Wearing: Headpiece: Soo Good. Necklace: Kore Boutique. Bikini Top: The Orchid Boutique (old). Pants: Market. Photographed by me.}   Contouring, the makeup revolution that suddenly gave women cheek bones for days, is not my bag. Despite numerous YouTube tutorials, helpful hints from makeup counter girls and friends, I’m pretty much a pre-schooler with a batch of finger paints when it comes to applying makeup. Contouring leaves me looking like a Halloween project gone awry. And then there’s the Miami heat. God willing I actually get a contour going somewhere, it slides down my face as soon as I step into the heat. #Fail Part 2. So as I inched past my 37th birthday and started to map out lines here and there in my face, I decided to hit up Dr. Epstein to see what he could do for me that the hands of time could not. Tuns out, he…Read More



Who’s That Girl

    {Wearing: Romper: Kore. Hair: c/o Hotheads Hair Extensions. Photographed by me.} Seriously, who is that girl? She can’t be me. I’ve been struggling to grow my hair past my shoulders for almost six years now. But she is! I was asked to film a hair tutorial with Hotheads Hair Extensions and in return I got a whole head of hair. More hair than I’ve seen on my head in my whole life combined. Sadly, my hair won’t ever grow past the boobs. I’ve tried and tried, but it just gets dead and lifeless on the ends, so it stops right above my bra line. And I’ve come to accept that’s my version of long hair. But not anymore. On Tuesday, I sat in a chair while one of Hotheads master hair artists turned me into brunette Rapunzel. The whole process took about 20 minutes and included 20 extensions….Read More