Carefully Treading Shark-Infested Waters

{Tank: c/o B.O.A.T. (Best of All Time) Attire Bikini bottom: Maaji c/o The Orchid Boutique Sunnies: c/o Italia Independent} Recently, two things happened simultaneously: bloggers Karla Garcia and Mayleen Gonzalez asked me to be a part of their blogger collaboration for their B.O.A.T (Best of All Time) Attire line (a brand inspired by Shark Week, but created with the idea that it’s cool to wear boating attire long past the summer), and my bestie Maria Tettamanti announced she’s going shark diving—a “to do” on her bucket list. The common link between the two: the green shark’s jaw on my tank. And the realization that I don’t actually have a bucket list. I could chalk it up to my delusional fantasy that I’m invincible, blame it on my lack of thrill-seeking or the fact that I swear i’m still 21, but the reality is, at 35, it’s time to make a list of things I want to see and do…Read More



Almost Famous

{Famous Mackenna slogan tee: c/o Bikini: c/o Vitamin A. Sunnies: c/o Italia Independent.} Check out this sneak peek of the 2014 line from Vitamin A. The eco-friendly bikini (it’s made from Repreve recycled fibers) is perfect for the beach and not bad for the environment either. Environmentally friendly bikinis are kind of brilliant. Before we know it, all the famous celebs out there will be wearing them, making it a win-win for Mother Earth and fashion. And speaking of famous, this cute slogan tee from made me think while I was wearing it. I mean suppose someone comes up to me and says, “Oh yeah, what are you famous for?” So here’s a list of my accomplishments that might land me in the big time (you know, just in case someone asks): Famous baker: I can make berry muffins and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies like nobody’s business. Famous…Read More



I’m Flexy and I Know It

{Yoga pants: c/o Wear Me Out Classic V Front Capri. Yoga bra: c/o Wear Me Out V Back Action Bra.} Thanks to The Wordy Girl for the uber funny title … but seriously, after an almost four-month hiatus from yoga, I’m back. It’s so easy to get out of the cycle and yet so hard to get back in. But at the end of the day, it’s about making time for what’s going to bring you to a better place. And for me, that’s yoga. It’s my de-stresser. The 60 minutes I can turn my phone off, hide form the world and just breathe. I don’t know how I let that slip away, but I’ll be sure not to do it again. As for my new yoga gear from Wear Me Out, it’s just another motivating factor to get me back on the mat and keep me there.   Photographed…Read More



The First Day of Summer Has Arrived

{Bikini: Karina Grimaldi. Fedora: Vintage. Sunnies: Forever 21.} The first of summer is here. And after combatting an inbox with 500 “guess what Kim Kardashian is wearing now that she’s a mom” press releases, tracking trends, meeting daily deadlines, playing cabbie to a kid who won’t be able to drive for another 11 years and battling a mockingbird looking to fill his empty nest pre-dawn, I’ smacking my laptop shut, throwing on my Karina Grimaldi bikini, slapping on some Hampton Sun sunscreen and hitting the beach with my closest and dearest gal pals. We call it Fancy Friday, and it’s the working girl’s saving grace. So much so, I find myself working on Sundays and double-timing it Monday through Thursday so I can squeeze in a little toes in the sand time. We share, we nap, we sun, we laugh. We pretend the summer clouds rolling in don’t exist so…Read More



Boho Summer

{Dress: c/o Necessary Clothing Tribal Terrain. Hat: H&M. Jewelry: Vintage. Shoes: Jessica Simpson.} My friend Erin says I should be a stream of consciousness writer. So here goes nothing: Random Thoughts by Ginger:  I want one of everything on Catbird NYC.  I can’t sleep unless I’m under a pile of blankets (no matter how hot it is). When I need a laugh, She Has Had It (follow on Instagram, thank me later) is the answer. There is a biblical plague of frogs in Miami Beach right now based on the number of them I find in my yard on a daily basis. I really want to like wind chimes, but I just don’t. Chocolate sorbet on a sugar cone is the closest thing I can find to edible happiness. The last time I saw fireflies, I was in New York. The time before that I was 8.  Blue nail polish scares…Read More



Black and White, the Sequel

{Dress: Monteau. Necklace and bracelet: Fly Boutique vintage. Shoes: Loehmann’s.} Prediction: There’s a 99.9 percent chance before spring/summer is over that my entire wardrobe will consist of the spring black and white trend. I call this one my Wynwood Building dress. The first time I wore it was for the Today show segment. I was totally all stressed out about what I was going to wear at 5 a.m. to go and get my hair and makeup done. In reality, I could have showed up in PJ bottoms and one of those free tees you get when you participate in a community car wash and no one would have cared. Oh well. Since I have no intention of slowing down when it comes to shopping this trend, here’s what will most likely be my next BnW purchase: (just as soon as I start printing my own money). But seriously, I will be on the lookout…Read More



The Best Day Ever

  {Vintage blouse. J Brand jeans. Vintage hat and shoes. Delicate Raymond vintage monogrammed necklace. The Webster for Target bangle. Louis Vuitton Never Full. Sometimes you just need a good adventure. Thelma and Louise had one. They also had a young Brad Pitt and a classic convertible. Maria Tettamanti and I had my mom-mobile and enough time before our kids got out of school to check out what’s new in Miami. Our first stop, Silowet Couture. You may have heard of it. It’s the bespoke denim spot in Wynwood that will be having its grand opening on the 21st. Creator Stacy Glover is as sick of ill-fitting jeans as you are. So, he decided to do something about it. Soon, you’ll be able to get a pair of jeans that look like they were made just for you—because they are. As someone who does not own a single pair of jeans…Read More



Live From the Today Show in Miami

When the Today show called last Friday to ask me to do a segment on my version of Miami style, I jumped for joy. What an amazing opportunity to let the world know about the talent we have here in Miami. So, I set out to dress my models in Miami-designed brands. Using some of my favorites, I put two looks together, as well as one for myself. Here is the video from this morning’s segment featuring how we do it in Miami when it comes to getting dressed up. Such an awesome experience. In case you’re wonder where to find what me, Marcella and her daughter Siena are wearing, here’s the breakdown: On Marcella: Ramona LaRue Tara dress, Espiritutara bracelets and necklaces, Amorium Jewelry ring, Vintage Reign crossbody bag, Mia Shoes wedges. On her daughter: Matching dress from Ramona LaRue and bracelets worn as anklets from Espiritutara. On me:…Read More



Sunday Funday With Pavan Hits Miami Style Mafia

So what happens when you take local fashion bloggers and members of the Miami Style Mafia: Daniela Ramirez of Nany’s Klozet, Ana Ortuno or Chic Streets and Eats, Annie Vazquez of The Fashion Poet, Maria Tettamanti of The Wordy Girl and Simonet Pereira of Miami Style Mafia and give them a Sunday funday, courtesy of Pavan? A little bit of this: Which did we have more of at brunch at Cecconi’s at Soho Beach House: Pavan and champagne or chocolate chip pancakes covered in whipped cream and strawberries? That’s a tough call. But I was up for the challenge. All in the name of the Pavan Hits Miami Style contest, where bloggers vied for a chance to attend NY Fashion Week and voters were automatically entered to win a trip to France. Next stop: Bella Beach. Sun, sand and … shopping at The Orchid Boutique trunk show. Let’s also just say we devoured those racks filled with L Space, Mara Hoffman, Maaji and Maio Swim like they were…Read More