Live From the Today Show in Miami

When the Today show called last Friday to ask me to do a segment on my version of Miami style, I jumped for joy. What an amazing opportunity to let the world know about the talent we have here in Miami. So, I set out to dress my models in Miami-designed brands. Using some of my favorites, I put two looks together, as well as one for myself. Here is the video from this morning’s segment featuring how we do it in Miami when it comes to getting dressed up. Such an awesome experience. In case you’re wonder where to find what me, Marcella and her daughter Siena are wearing, here’s the breakdown: On Marcella: Ramona LaRue Tara dress, Espiritutara bracelets and necklaces, Amorium Jewelry ring, Vintage Reign crossbody bag, Mia Shoes wedges. On her daughter: Matching dress from Ramona LaRue and bracelets worn as anklets from Espiritutara. On me:…Read More



Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Day 4

It’s official, I’ve seen enough models in bikinis to keep any man happy for the rest of his natural life. And that’s not even the most shocking part. On the second to last day of swim week, as the rain set in and our mojo started to fade (OK, our mojos been dead for days, but we keep on truckin’—in heels in the sand no less), I saw the best yet. On day four. Here’s a recap of what happened on Sunday at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. {Impending doom in Miami Beach. The annual swim week monsoon sets it.} {But it was safe and dry and Salon Allure’s sample sale at the Perry.} {I tried on at least 20 suits, including a few from my fave, Red Carter. If you didn’t make it, you totally missed out. With suits priced at anywhere from $25 to $100, it was a steal….Read More



Electric Blogarella Bella: Marcella Novela

Meet Marcella. She’s as enthusiastic about art as she is fashion savvy. Marcella Novela shows off her style while promoting and planning events and creating collections for Miami Art Museum. This avid collector doesn’t just know the difference between surrealists and expressionists, she also knows how to perfectly incorporate pieces from the past with modern-day accessories. I caught up with the budding Miami socialite at the Givenchy luncheon at the Soho Beach House’s penthouse and got the scoop on which fashions work for her—and her house. Name: Marcella Novela Claim to Fame: Member of the Miami Art Museum Board of Trustees and Chair of the Miami Art Museum’s MAM Contemporaries and Young Collectors Council. Wearing: Vintage dress and bag, YSL shoes and Patek Philippe gold watch from the 1940s. Sum up your style: Whimsical, elegant and daring. Most treasured item in your closet: A silk Custo Barcelona tunic my 5-year-old…Read More



What to Wear and Do on Your Birthday

Vintage wrap, Ritchie Swimwear bikini, Eugenia Kim for Target hat, Lola James bracelets, total knockoff sunnies. Yesterday was my big day, my birthday. I don’t know about you, but I’m not the kind of person who lets my birthday come and go lightly. I celebrate it for not just one day, not just two, but seven whole days of birthday bliss. And the weekend leading up to my big day is always a grande affair. Each year my bday happens during Winter Music Conference, which makes it seem like all of Miami is celebrating my bday (at least that’s what I tell myself). This year, rather than getting sucked into the electronic music scene (which this year included Madonna’s inappropriate Molly comment), I kicked off birthday weekend of fun in the sand with some of my best friends. A good time was had by all, including the sun, who tanned…Read More



There's No Place Like Home

That’s me, ringing it in with my better half. In Miami Beach, on New Year’s Eve, the locals know better than to park their midnight kiss at a club. That scene is for all the New Yorkers who sucked up every last beach chair at SoHo House Friday afternoon. Instead, the permanent fixtures opt for a good, raging house party hosted by someone bold enough to subject their dwelling to the carnage of merriment. FYI, that’s not me. I have off-white carpets, thank you very much. But I was lucky enough to get invited to two posh house soirees hosted by two of Miami’s most lovely ladies. The first of which is my gal pal Marcella. And here’s what I learned at her fete: If you have art that looks like food, label it so it doesn’t get eaten by some drunkard with a hankering for cake. Kind of like…Read More



In 2011 …

What were you doing when you were ringing in ‘11? There goes another 365. And here’s what I found along the way that made my year: Todd at Van Michael When I found out Siobhan was leaving Van Michael Miami Salon in the middle of my hair grow out, I considered moving to wherever it was she was going. Seriously. This girl was my hair lifeline. And a good friend. And while I miss Siobhan and our girl chats dearly, I can’t thank her enough for recommending Todd. Yes, I know I’ve tweeted off and on recently about my hair love affair with Todd, and it’s true, I love him. Not only is he adorable, I mean seriously, seriously adorable, he can tame my mane. And his massages are phenom. There’s three reasons why I visit the salon at least once a week right there. I am so glad I…Read More



Surviving Basel: Day 4

I’m pretty sure yesterday was Friday, but at 17 hours of sleep in four days, it’s all starting to meld together into a big Basel blur. In the event it was Friday, this is what I did, according to the pics on my phone. I’ll let the images speak for themselves with the help of captions. (Yes, that’s a total copout. I’m tried. Leave me alone.) Blo Midtown’s media opening. The actual opening is today. Go, you know all this whipping wind means you need to get your hair did. The blow out bar is adorable and probably the greatest concept to date: 30 minutes, $35. Me and kiddo with my new ‘do. The gifting suite at the tent at Soho was a treasure trove and a great escape from Basel madness. The jeans from Prps fit amazing … which ringed true for everyone who tried them on. What other…Read More



Yes, Another Sample Sale

I’m smiling here in this pic, but what I’m really thinking is, “Are these for sale, too? How much? And how do I get them off the mannequin?” Hi, my name is Ginger, and I am addicted to samples sales. I’m less than a week into my blog and I’ve already written up two of these little festivities. I take solace, however, in the fact that I am not alone in this addiction. Art maven Marcella Novela and The Wordy Girl Maria Tettamanti were also part of the conspiracy. This time at Alexis. And then, then, there’s my most favorite publicist, Lauren Gnazzo, who actually called me at 10 p.m. last night to share her conquests at Alexis’ warehouse of wonder. I chalk all this up to Old World hunter/gatherer survival techniques and modern day luxuries. Food comes from Publix and Whole Foods. So, the only thing left for us…Read More