Excess Baggage

{Swimsuit: c/o Maio Swim by Monica Wise, available at theorchidboutique.com. Shirt: Base. Sunnies: c/o Lacoste. Bag: c/o Hayden Reis. Shoes: Jimmy Choo. Bangle: Vintage.} The worst job I’ve ever had in my entire life happened the summer of my senior year of high school. I got hired by a resort in Destin, Florida to drive around a golf cart, pick up tourists and take them to the beach. When they needed my services, they’d beep me the number of the house they were staying in, I’d pull up to the front door, load them in and drive them to the end of the street. It sounded ideal, a summer in the sun. But it grew old, fast. Eight hours a day, I’d pull up to an Easter egg-colored house on the resort’s property, wait for an army of sunburnt tourists in zinc oxide-covered noses to toddle out of their house, weighted down with one or two…Read More



Lunch With Skaist Taylor

Flashback: The first time I saw someone wear Juicy Couture, it was my friend Maria. Yes, that one. She slipped into the Zink magazine office in pink terry pants that sat low on her hip bones. She had paired them with a little matching jacket. We all ooohed and ahhed. Months later, the entire universe wore some variation of her ensem. And the obsession with Juice Couture began. Fast forward to summer 2012: Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy, who actually sold Juicy Couture a few years back, have a new trick up their bell sleeves: Skaist Taylor. I was lucky enough to preview the collection of boho-chic-meets-disco-diva designs, which made its Miami debut this week, at Neiman Marcus at the Village of Merrick Park. And it went a little something like this … {Me in Skaist Taylor with designer Pamela Skaist-Levy. She’s 5’1″. Sisterhood of the shorties.} {The gloves are off.} {The lunch…Read More

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What to Wear to Meet an Astrologist

A few weeks ago I met with the team for M.A.C. Cosmetics to check out their latest collection. They invited an astrologist to tell us what was going on in our charts. Here’s what I wore to get the news that Mercury in retrograde is never a good time—no matter what sign you are. Thank God that ends today. Whew. {Vintage lace-front blouse. Forever 21 shorts. Jimmy Choo platforms. Vintage Coach cross body bag. H&M cuff. Coconut ring scooped up from a vendor on Lincoln Road.} {Chanel lipstick in La Somptueuse and kiddo in monkey PJs.}



Keeping it Local with RaMona LaRue

{RaMona LaRue romper, Fly Boutique vintage necklace, Aldo bracelet, Jimmy Choo shoes.} I was recently invited to check out RaMona LaRue’s studio, a space located just above Isa Boutique in Midtown. Inside, racks upon racks of hand-painted silk designs bring the space to life. It’s a skill designer Arianne learned from her mother, Ramona, for whom the line is named. After losing her mom to cancer, Arianne created the line as an homage to this most influential person in her life. And RaMona LaRue was born.  {Orange, a prominent color in the current collection.} A true artist in every sense of the word, Arianne takes patterns, most of which are animal-print inspired, paints them onto her fabrics and then turns them into stunning boho-chic apparel. Her long, flowing dresses and kaftans are inspiring and ideal for Miami’s dreaded summer heat. And nearly all of her pieces transition from beachwear to…Read More



Frockin' Out

Me, My Melody and a summer frock. Come summer, our fair city is a sweat lodge. An open-air steam room. A walk-in hair dryer. Tromping around this kind of heat isn’t for amateurs. It’s hard to look fashion forward when you are sweating like a banshee. So here are my three “s” rules when dressing for summer in Miami: Simple, short and spaghetti-strapped or strapless. That’s what we Miami girls wear when it’s 99 degrees out. A tour de closet would yield hanger after hanger of these little numbers, like my silk Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent summer staple. Another rule for navigating this season: Less is more. Let your accessories wow, while your dress weathers the sauna that is our city. Glammed up with a vintage choker and a Lola James Jewelry necklace. Accented with my vintage Phillippe leather bag, Lalique ring and non-existent nail polish (for shame). On…Read More

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