DIY Frames and How to Hang ‘Em

This is my entryway at my house, where for two years I’ve hung nothing on the wall, just like the rest of the house. Why? I’m a complete commit-a-phobe when it comes to being in a serious relationship with decor, which is weird because decorating is like accessorizing. And I love to accessorize. But for some reason it becomes a mental hurdle when it comes to dressing up my house. This weekend, however, I took the plunge. I decided enough with the bare walls. It was time to pair them up. I started with two frames I found on clearance at Ikea. Loved the shape, but the plastic was killing me. So I decided to spray them with a glossy lacquer for a different effect. You’ll need two rubber gloves (so you don’t ruin your manicure), a bottle of lacquer and something you don’t mind ruining under the frames. I…Read More