Storm’s a-brewin’

{Wearing: (Me): Jacket: c/o K-Way Claudette Klassic Printed Logo Stripe. Shorts: ShopBlush.com. Shoes:  Converse c/o Sawgrass Mills. (On Kiddo): Jacket: c/o K-Way Calude Klassic Kids Printed Logo Stripe. Dress: H&M. Shoes:  Converse c/o Sawgrass Mills. Summer in Miami goes a little like this: Sunshine, 100 percent humidity, clouds that resemble the nothing, end of days rainstorm, sunshine and 10,000 percent humidity five minutes later. It’s the most predictable unpredictability ever. In fact, I’m pretty sure the weather man just puts rain on the forecast for the week from May through August and heads out on vacay, because he/she knows it’s going to happen at some point. And it does. Milly and I caught a wicked storm the other day. The winds were blowing so hard we couldn’t keep the hair out of our faces, hence the mustaches. We snapped these pics in our matching K-Way raincoats just before the first few drops…Read More



My Summer Girl

  {On Me: Crop Top: c/o H&M. High-waisted Shorts: c/o French Connection. Sneaks: Converse c/o Sawgrass Mills. Necklace: Vintage. Bag: Kate Spade c/o TJ Maxx. Hat: New York Street Fair. On Kiddo: Top: Gap Kids. Shorts: Gap Kids. Hat: H&M. Necklace: H&M. Sneaks: Gap Kids. Photographed by moi.} I asked Mills late in spring what she wanted to do this summer. I told her we could go anywhere she wanted. I was fully prepared to spend the day with Mickey and Minnie and 10,000 other tourists schlepping kids around the blazing inferno that is Disney, but she shocked me when she told me she’d rather go to New York and do some shopping, see the sights and eat at a few places she’d seen on TV. Clearly, this is my child through and through. So I did it. I traveled alone with my kiddo for the first time in my life. And…Read More



The Hallway

{On me: Top: H&M. Skirt: Nanako. Shoes: c/o French Connection. Necklace: Vintage Avon. On Milly: Dress: Mimi and Maggie Dress c/o Hugs & Hissyfits. Bow: Laneybug Bowtique c/o Hugs and Hissyfits. Shoes: Gap. Photographed by me.} On our recent trip to New York (more to come on that), Mills and I found a cool hallway with mirrors and an elevator and decided to do a little shoot—she especially wanted to wear her new boho dress, so I indulged her (and myself). Besides, it was pouring down rain and rainy days in New York lend to indoor activities. I haven’t figured out how to travel with my tripod because it’s too big to fit into my suitcase, so I set up shop with a stool and some books and took these.    



Dive In: Escape Miami Style Lounge

{On me: Bikini: American Apparel top and bottom. Pearls: Vintage. On kiddo: Bathing suit: American Apparel. Bracelets: Vintage. Turban: Vintage. Photographed by Alexander Tamargo of @altaimages.} Fact: I spent one whole day driving from one end of Miami to the other to find props to recreate two vintage pics I found on Pinterest for this year’s Escape Miami Style Lounge exhibit. Why? I might be a tad crazy, partially obsessed and dedicated as hell. Once I get a picture in my head, I just have to see it through to the end. I chalk it up to my Aries-ness. This year, knowing I was shooting at The National Hotel for the project, I let myself get inspired by the Art Deco architecture, my love of bygone days and upcoming Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. I’ll always be a retro girl at heart, and having a stylist who can whip up the best…Read More



It’s National Sunglasses Day

Happy National Sunglasses Day. If any city knows the importance of sunnies, it’s Miami. I scooped up these orange sunnies while I was in New York and brought them back to the Sunshine State to keep the rays out of our eyes. And speaking of orange, I just binged watched Orange is the New Black season 2. That last episode, wow, as in call me Piper, let’s chat. And now I need something new to binge on. I’m open to suggestions. Go!  



Tales from The New Lotus House Fashion Show

{On me: Dress: c/o Ramona LaRue. Belt: Vintage. Necklace: Frankie Miami. Shoes: Zara via Bib + Tuck. On Mills: Dress: c/o Ramona LaRue. Shoes: Target. Bag: Gap. Photographed by me.} Last week, Milly made her fashion show debut. Stylist extraordinaire Elysze Held of StyleOutoftheCity asked us to be a part of the grand opening of the new Lotus House, which included a fashion show featuring the work of designers like Arianne Brown of Ramona LaRue and Filomena Fernandez, who graciously donated their designs to the thrift store to help raise funds for its new location. Lotus House, as you may know is a charity that provides sanctuary and support, education, tools and resources to homeless women and children. It’s a beautiful organization and I encourage you to donate your unwanted items to the charity, as the funds go to these women and children hoping to make their lives a little better. It was an…Read More



Six Years Ago Today …

{On me and kiddo: Vintage jewelry, gloves and fur. Forever 21 headpieces. Photographed by me.} Six years ago today, the greatest thing that could ever happen to me did. I got the ultimate partner in crime, my littlest best friend, my dress up buddy, my photography assistant, my cuddle bug, my heart the goes walking around outside of my body. Little Miss Milly Jane was born just four days after my 30th birthday. Today she turns 6. Six! Happy birthday, kiddo. Love you more than there are words to express.  



A Hole Lot of Namaste

{On me: Vest: Vintage DIY. Top: Target. Harem pants: Metta Loving Kindness. Necklace: Mixed Bead Charm and Tassel Necklace c/o Express. On kiddo: Top: H&M. Harem pants: Metta Loving Kindness. Photographed by me.} And now, an embarrassing tale of me in my new harem pants. I’ve been obsessed with harem pants sine I met my friend Marcella Novela, who lives in them. She was kind enough to bring me back a few pairs from her yearly jaunts to Ibiza. Considering my obsession, you you can only imagine my reaction when I discovered harem pants for kiddo at Metta Loving Kindness, a new-ish shop that lives over on Sunset Harbor. Now imagine my reaction when I discovered that I, too, could fit into the kid’ harem pants at Metta. It was one of those rare moments I didn’t mind being the height of a 12-year-old. I snatched up these pairs for me and…Read More



Little Miss Manners

{Heart dress: H&M. Boots: Missoni for Target. Socks: Target. Glasses: Coastal.com.} One fashion trend that never goes out of style: Good manners. Kiddo and I had a fabulous weekend, which started with an etiquette brunch by Style Saves at the Boulan. This adorable group of Miami Beach’s next generation got the lowdown on how to sit at the table, which fork to use, even how to greet each other, thanks to Monique Graciotti of the Veritas Institute.  It was as adorable as it was informative. Afterward, Mills and I treated ourselves to Pinkberry and enjoyed mani and pedis, rounding out the perfect Saturday like proper ladies. Big thanks to Rachael Russell and Style Saves for inviting us. To learn more about Style Saves and how you can get involved in helping underprivileged kids of South Florida, check out the site.