My Triumphant Return to Yoga at Ahana Yoga

{Wearing: DYI Take Control Leggings and DYI Elevate Bra c/o Glimpse Miami at Ahana Yoga} My yoga practice has, for lack of more socially acceptable terms, gone to shit. I do a little here and there, but the die-hard dedication has fallen right off a cliff. And I know exactly why: Yoga is the one place I cannot hide from myself. It’s the one place I have to face all the things in my life head on. I have always said yoga is my church. And there’s no hiding the ugly from God once I’m there in that confessional. Unless, I don’t go. That way, I don’t let myself fall into that sacred space where I’m raw. And that’s what I’ve been doing for a very long time now. There are a lot of reasons why. But I won’t get into them. Don’t get me wrong. I love yoga. I identify…Read More

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Head to Camp, Camp Gorgeous at Neiman Marcus Coral Gables

{Wearing: Hommage from Los Angeles pants (similar to these). Forever 21 crop top. Steve Madden heels. Photographed by Simply Lively.} As this whole blogger thing goes, I was lucky enough to head over to Neiman Marcus Coral Gables the other day with some of my favorite Miami fashion bloggers to get a preview of the Camp Gorgeous Summer Beauty Event. Between mimosas and breakfast, I got to play with the latest beauty offerings, including Givenchy’s Liquid Lipstick, which is as awesome as you want it to be. I tested all the fragrances at Givenchy Atelier. I found out you can refill the engrave-able lipstick cases from Guerlain. And I scored a summer tote full of beauty samples. You can, too, if you head to Camp Gorgeous, which is now through June 17  and score a purchase of $125 or more. Here’s a little of how the day went: Givenchy Liquid…Read More

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Power Napping at The Spa at the Miami Beach Edition

{The Spa at the Miami Beach Edition} When the Spa at the Miami Beach Edition invites you to come for a mid-week treatment, you say yes. For several reasons: 1) Mid-week means there’s still week to go. 2) Robe life is living your best life. 3) This was my first time there. 4) A little something called the “power nap.” First off, the spa is beautiful. Really, really beautiful. Gauzy white curtains, candles, comfy couches, vegan chocolate mint cookies … I could have hung out in the relaxation lounge all day without stepping foot in a treatment room and felt like a kid on their birthday. But it got better. And by better I mean a 60-minute Lift & Firm treatment, where I was brushed, massaged with active marine and plat-based stem-cell extracts, then massaged in a way that helps helps break down fatty acids that cause cellulite. Because ……Read More

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The Finds: Girls-Night-In Necessities

{Kendra Scott Rose Quart Small Candle ($25). The One by Frédéric Fekkai The Uplifting One Volumizing Shampoo ($30) and Conditioner ($30). Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask ($1.80). Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner ($44). Hope Fragrances Hand & Body Creme ($40, 100 percent of proceeds of net profit go to depression research).  Diptyque Do Son Parfum ($165).} Deadlines. Whining kids. Ringing phones. Traffic. Sometimes you just need to close the door and make the outside world go away. Turn off the phone. Unplug the laptop. Turn on Bravo and just disconnect. Those are the best times to indulge in products and do something nice for your skin. I like to start with a yummy candle, like this one from Kendra Scott’s new candle collection. Tell everyone you can’t hang tonight because you’re washing your hair. Then do it with the new Frederic Fekkai The Uplifting One shampoo and conditioner. It’s loaded with volume-making magic….Read More

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Happy Fourth Anniversary to Leggings Lounge

{Wearing Phat Buddha leggings from Glimpse. Photographed by @thelouiscollection} Leggings Lounge is back. Admittedly, it’s my favorite thing about summer in Miami, which is why I was beyond thrilled to host the fourth anniversary. Thinking back, I’ve hosted every opening of the free yoga and happy hour event since its inception. How cool is that? This year, I walked into the first meet up of the fourth season at Paradise Plaza Event Space in the Design District. There were pops of pink everywhere. And when I say everywhere I mean down to people’s brows. Leggings Lounge partnered with European Wax Center and its Raise a Pink Brow Against the Pink Tax (essentially how women’s products at the same size and even from the same brands cost more). To raise awareness, they were on hand painting people’s brows pink. How fun are pink brows? We all hit our pink mats and…Read More

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The Finds: I Heart Miami

{MarthaofMiami.com Pin ($8), Homesick Miami Candle ($20), Homegoods Florida Notebook ($5), Alice and Olivia Beverly Sunglasses ($275)} You know what’s fun about being a Miami girl? Everything. To celebrate that, I’ve dedicated this month’s The Finds to all things Miami. For starters, there’s my “Miami Mi Amor” pin, perfect for any denim jacket pocket. And it’s from a local artisan as well. Then, there’s the Homesick Miami candle, which smells like Miami. What, you ask, does Miami smell like? In their own words: “Orange slices and cold water with lemon sipped on a hot day by the ocean. Coconut and lavender pair with patchouli and palm trees bending in the breeze.” I scored this Florida notebook from Homegoods. And, of course, Miami is right where it should be. My sunnies, a Miami staple, are from the brand new Alice and Olivia store in the Design District. And my Miami necklace, well,…Read More

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Extreme Beauty: How to Get Rid of Cellulite

{Wearing: Bikini top: Ark Swimwear. Bikini bottom: Forever 21. Bag: European Wax Center. Photographed by Milly Jane Harris} {Danielle at Smith & Popov doing what she does. And me letting her.} I have cellulite. There, I said it. I’ve had it. I don’t know where it came from. I mean, I never asked it to hang out. But it did. And for years now, when I talk about it, people react the same way each time: “You’re too skinny to have cellulite.” Well, guess what? I’m not. In fact 90 percent of women and 10 percent of men have cellulite. And it affects everyone from the skinny chick to the full-figured girl. It starts to appear around ages 25-35. No amount of squats and leg lifts can send it back to where it came from. Once it shows up, it’s here to stay. Or so we thought. In the wake of my…Read More

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Alice and Olivia Opens the Miami Design District

{Wearing: Alice and Olivia polkadot dress. Alice and Olivia The Beatles jacket—both c/o Alice and Olivia. BCBG Generation Booties c/o Sawgrass Mills.} How was my International Women’s Day, you ask? Um, the greatest day ever. I’m going to have to backtrack a wee bit to explain that, so here goes: A few years ago someone gave me grief because my Instagram “had too many things going on.” You can’t have fashion and yoga and your kid, they said. I kind of laughed because, though I’ve basically been doing all of that since my Instagram inception, somewhere along the way I noticed I wasn’t the only one. Stacey Bendet of Alice and Olivia, she shared the best aspects of her life, too. And they also just happened to be fashion, yoga and her family. I guess that’s when I decided she was the ultimate Instagram inspo. If I’m wrong, then she…Read More

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Color Me and My Hair Happy

{Wearing: Swimsuit: Indah c/o Blush. Hair color: c/o Atma Beauty. Photographed by Milly Jane Harris} And here’s the post where I curse whichever relative did a swan dive into the gene pool with their early grey. While I don’t mind getting older, I do mind the effects it’s having on my hair color. Granted, I found my first grey way back when I was 14. And I recently discovered one in Milly’s hair. But these days, discovering them is a lot less. It’s more like hire a PR team to do damage control on their ever-progressing takeover. Actually, it’s more like head over to Atma Beauty to let Sheenon Olson hide them with the beauty of hair color. I recently went to the salon (as did Milly, who has bangs now), to update my look. And by update I meant hide any evidence that my 40th birthday is just around the…Read More

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