Sweater Weather

Rumor has it the temps are going to dip in Miami later this week. And by that I mean a high of 75 degrees, low of 50. Finally, a chance to wear my sweater from Skail|L.A. that I snatched up at the Allure sample sale during swim week. Yup, I’ve been waiting a really long time to slip into this sweater. To be honest with you, though, growing up in the frozen tundra that was the Midwest before all this global warning schrwarming madness, I wouldn’t trade my Miami winters for anything. As a kid, I remember people dragging me out in the cold to sled or built snowmen or other activities that co-inside with using a hair dryer to get ice off your car windshield, and damn if my little baby toes didn’t freeze up so much I swore they were going to fall off. So, yeah, I love boots and leather pants and a big faux fur collar on a long coat, but I’m cool with donning a bikini on Christmas Eve and wearing a knit sweater with plenty of ventilation to make it tolerable when the mercury starts at 60 and rises to 80 by noon. Long live humidity.

{Me in Skail|L.A. sweater. H&M tank dress. Target socks. Jessica Simpson boots. Vintage necklace. Goyard bag. Kiddo in head-to-toe Gap Kids.}