Swap Shop

If you’ve ever been a fan of clothing swaps—and let’s face it, who isn’t? (Cleaning out your closet and getting free stuff? Win, win.) Let me introduce you to Swapdom.com. The site takes swapping to new levels. 

After joining, I recently listed three pieces of jewelry I haven’t worn in eons. Then, I perused the site and found a new pair of shoes and a bag I thought were cute. I requested to swap my items for these. What Swapdom.com does is, it creates a circle of people who like your this and you like another person’s that and this person over here wants the first person’s something … here, watch the video, it explains it better than I ever will.

After picking items you’d like to swap for, you show what goods you have up for grabs. Then, swapdom.com does the work to create a circle of swapping. Once your items are approved, you simply ship them. Your new swap arrives and you’re good to go.

Easy peasy. Check it out and list cool stuff so we can get swapping. You can check out my profile here