Swappy Seconds

{Peplum dress: Vintage. Sandals: Vintage. Bracelet: Espiritutara.}

Last week I enticed you with Bib + Tuck. And you’re still putting off spring cleaning? Here’s even more motivation: What if for every item you got rid of you could replace with something for free? It’s entirely possible if you host your own clothing swap. I scored this awesome vintage dress at a swap a few years back. And it cost me big, fat nothing—except newfound space in my closet. Winning.

Here’s a few steps to putting together your own swap:

First: Clean out your closet. If you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it. If you haven’t tried it on in six months, try it on. See how it fits. Don’t just hold on to things because you like the “idea” of how they look. Not everything is ideal as you’d think.

Second: Encourage your friends to do exactly what you just accomplished above. Just make sure everyone has a size buddy to insure they go home with something.

Third: Set a date, bust out the champagne and invite the girls over for a swap. You’ll need clothing racks and tables to display the clothes, a mirror and a place to try things on.

Lastly: Leave with a new bag of goods to restock that freshly cleaned closet. Yes, it really is that simple.

P.S. I have a whole bag of clothes in the closet just waiting to find a new home. (Hint hint, invite me, too!).

Photographed by David Marc Harris.