Surviving Basel: Days 5 & 6

Missoni Summer 2012 preview. Pretend it’s an artsy shot (as opposed to a bad camera phone pic).

Coming into the home stretch, I’ve landed at day five. And with it comes fashion. Last year, I attended the “Vogue”/YSL fete at Loren Ridinger’s casa. This year, it was all about Missoni. Courtesy of “Vogue,” the property was swollen with the fabulous set. As expected, Louboutin-wearing champagne sippers were the majority, but I did see a few things that caught me off guard: like a guy in clear, plastic pants. And just past him, racks of Missoni for perusing. The fashion show around the pool featured bold and beautiful prints from the Italian house with maroons, browns, yellows and blues as the dominant color patterns. A dramatically ruffled black-and-white bikini stole the show, while the thick, zig-zagged heels adorned with flowers on the toes gave those of us with a shoe fetish something to look forward to come summer. I noticed Gabrielle Union noticing the shoes, too.

Upon leaving the venue (I got smart since last visit and wore thick heels), I encountered Dennis Rodman. Im 99.9 percent sure he hit on me, but I’m .1 percent off because after the first few words, it was all a mish-mash of mangled English projecting from his lips. It’s fine. He’s way too tall for my tastes anyway.

Eye candy for your inner Liberace.

Next stop: Pop Up Pianos Miami. Upon entering the Ideobox space (where the pianos were transformed from instrument to work of art), I encountered this sparkly instrument with take-away bling. Afrobeat put on a noteworthy performance that filled the space with sound. Now, two of the pianos, crafted by Lorie Setton, Kazilla and GG, will be moved to Aventura Mall for performances on Dec. 8.

But before we get to Dec. 8, we have to get through the last day of Basel. With no night events scheduled, it was time to turn to what this whole beautiful mess is all about: art. And that seemed to be the popular thought process of the day: Squeeze in all the art you missed while you were dancing in the sand in the whipping wind by the light of the moon in the tent at Soho. The one place I kept saying i’d see but never made it to: Pulse. Today, I conquered it. I have to admit, I was impressed with what I saw, as well. The fair boasted a wide variety of beautiful, complex, scary, weird and memorable art. Check out the pics below for a few things that sucked me in.

A perfect blend of beautiful and weird.

For me, all that’s missing is the “You Are Here” arrow.

It’s a swag suite of life decisions.

After Pulse, I wandered the area and found this. And while I didn’t stop for my personal free nugget, I’m fairly certain it would have been along these lines: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

And after this week in the Basel express lane, a Sunday drive is what we all really need.