Surviving Basel: Day 4

I’m pretty sure yesterday was Friday, but at 17 hours of sleep in four days, it’s all starting to meld together into a big Basel blur. In the event it was Friday, this is what I did, according to the pics on my phone. I’ll let the images speak for themselves with the help of captions. (Yes, that’s a total copout. I’m tried. Leave me alone.)

Blo Midtown’s media opening. The actual opening is today. Go, you know all this whipping wind means you need to get your hair did. The blow out bar is adorable and probably the greatest concept to date: 30 minutes, $35.

Me and kiddo with my new ‘do.

The gifting suite at the tent at Soho was a treasure trove and a great escape from Basel madness. The jeans from Prps fit amazing … which ringed true for everyone who tried them on. What other brand can actually say that? Plus, guy goods from Black Apple helped cheer up husband, who is studying for first semester law exams.

Worst pic ever of the coolest nail concept I’ve ever seen. Happening post-Basel, too, at the Standard. Mental note: must get in to try this out.

The Wordy Girl chillin’ on the beach at the tent. This was, by far, the destination at Basel. Went for one hour, stayed for three. Went back later that night. Can we make this a permanent thing, please?

Further confirming my suspicions this tent is the greatest place on the beach, a candy bar. Me and Marcella indulging while the sea crashed in front of us. Amazing.

DesignMiami kind of makes you want to scrap what’s in your house and start over … after you win the lottery, of course.

Cigarette butt necklace, anyone? Also at DesignMiami.

And so begins the nightlife. From cigarette butts to actual butts. Art from Diddy’s party for the “Culo” book release at Mr. Chow. Celebs in the mix: Adrien Brody, Brandon Davis and Scarlett Johansson. The amount of pretty people at this party was astonishing. Shout outs to Liz Neman, Janie Campbell, Dirk DeSouza, Maria Tettamanti and Sara Liss for holding down the best table in the place.

Hi, my name is Ginger and I am not a photographer. But this is Moby at Bardot. The concert, an intimate little affair, was interesting. Moby hung out in the crowd at Bardot while we waited for him to do his thing. He also does not allow talking or smoking during his concerts. And he gets really grumpy about feedback and audience participation. Ignoring all that and just going with the vibe, it was a pretty chill event. And I was there. Listening to Moby play a live acoustic set. Pretty, pretty cool. Afterward, I shut down Soho, (what up, Jon Warech!) of which I’m feeling all of today. Five minutes of sleep and I’ll be back at it tonight.