Surviving Basel: Day 3

Me, from the other night, playing a tune on one of the Pop Up Pianos piano.

After four hours of sleep (eight total in two days), I got up and went to YogArt. At first, this seemed like the world’s worst idea (read: complete Basel hangover). Why, oh, why, would I buy a ticket to something at 9 a.m. when I knew full well I wasn’t going to bed until 3? But, it turned out to be just what I needed. An hour of music and stretching in the brisk Miami morning actually woke me up from the haze. And a big thanks to Price for the Advil (aka, the best gift you can give someone the morning after a Basel night out).

Scene of the crime at YogArt. That’s me back there, somewhere.

And as a fully functional awake person, I decided to keep up this non-Vampire tradition, and filled the daylight hours with activity. But first, a quick trip to the Loews for a Keratin Complex blowout. Amazing. Thanks, Jenna!

Afterward, I took a wander over to Collins Park to take in some public art. I personally loved how each sign said “PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH” in bold, red lettering. Apparently, I am not the only person who really yearns to touch the art, so much so, that it requires signage. My wandering eye then spotted, just across the street, the work of Mr. Brainwash. Same Star Wars art as last year with little added do-dads here and there. I was hoping for a completely new concept, however.

Public art by Rachel Feinstein.

I really like this one. It reminds me of melted crayons.

Mr. Brainwash … feels oddly familiar.

Now on to the nightlife. Over at Fendi Casa for the “As If Magazine” unveiling with Tatijana Shoan and Patrick McMullan. Shoan, herself, gave me a tour of the art and mag, a very stunning, large-format glossy packed with art. The accompanying images from the mag decorate the walls of Fendi Casa. Amazing. Using a naked model, whom Shoan feels is the next Isabella Blow, she invited the first artistic director from Vogue to “create” dresses for the model. The result, cut-outs, painted and sketched ensembles adorning the photos. A true work of art. Shoan herself is really a fascinating person. We dished on our dislike of Photoshop, our love of juxtaposing beauty with grit (a la her “meat” shoot), film vs. digital and so much more. If you can get your hands on “As If,” do so. It’s stunning.

Some of what I was talking about up there. In addition to being beautiful, Shoan’s pics have texture, which makes them even more amazing.

As it was Patrick McMullen’s party, the photog, who started his career with a camera from and encouragement by Andy Warhol, entered the party, said hello to me and snapped my pic. Swoon.

What more does a girl need on her third night of Basel? Actually, some sleep, so that’s exactly what I did. Friday night, however, will be another grande sleepless adventure. Stay tuned.