Surviving Basel: Day 1

I’ll take one of these, please. At Red Dot.

Last night, I braved the traffic from Miami Beach to Miami in the name of art. It’s the big pre-Basel kick off. And here’s how it went. Yes, I parked 7,000 miles away from the actual event. I did not put money in the meter. I walked A LOT in six-inch heels. I did not, however, get a parking ticket. So far, so good. Oh yeah, and I saw some art.

Things to scope at Scope.

The first artful experience I attended was Scope and Art Asia. Things that stood out: A giant retro girl face. A tiny old man baby body soaking in water (kinda really scary), statues with antique tole chandeliers as heads (functional art in the fact that in can also be a lamp) and the Liu Bolin, the invisible man (the graffiti piece was awesome).

Next up, Red Dot. I was really impressed with the art at Red Dot, minus the musical performance at the entrance, which felt like a SNL skit, or worse, your mom singing in public. I still haven’t decided if that was a performance piece or hired entertainment. Nevertheless, the art here was off the charts. My favorite is the black and white mixed media above. Can I please borrow $20,000? I promise to never pay it back. But you can come look at my art. You can even choose where I’ll hang it. Things that stood out there: An underwater and ballerina series of epoxy-ied photographs, a retro Hollywood starlet portrait made up of old postcards and the drippy human-heart esque pieces. (I realize now, I actually have to write the names of the artists down. Bad journalist, no press pass.) All in all, Red Dot had a young, hip vibe with art to match. Definitely my favorite spot so far along the way.

Say, that’s a very long line outside of ArtMiami.

And then there was ArtMiami Vernissage. The big “to do” of the evening. The art that frightened me: a hairy litter of babies, a sculpture with not-distanced-far-enough eyeballs and lips running on a closed circuit tv and small children statues. The art that thrilled me was far too numerous to list. Rest assured I’ll be back to see more of it. Focusing on the art tonight, was not the focus. Tonight was all about the party. Save the daylight hours for the serious looking.

If last night set the tone for Basel, we are off to a very, very good start.