Huh? Supper Club Attire?

I was thrilled when friends invited hubby and me to the YoungArts gala this past weekend. But when the invite said “supper club attire,” I scratched my head, raised and brow and said, “What on God’s green earth does that mean?” Black tie? Cocktail attire? Semi-formal? Who comes up with this stuff? As a person who writes about fashion for a living, shouldn’t I know this? Google to the rescue.

Searching the Interwebs, I pieced together it’s code for men in jackets. And the fairer sex? Big fat nothing. No hints, no clues, no help. And that’s why the LBD will also be a girl’s go-to. Only this time, I went with navy. I’ve been dying to wear this silk dress from Karina Grimaldi since I scored it at her sample sale. So I took a chance. Hubby, did as he was supposed to and wore a jacket. Verdict: All good.

Upon arrival, I realized “supper club attire” means pretty much whatever you want. There were furs, gowns, ties, bowties, sequins, feathers, velvet. I didn’t feel overdressed. I didn’t feel underdressed. I felt just right. Whew.

{Karina Grimaldi silk dress. Vintage necklace. Jimmy Choo platforms.}

Photographed by David Marc Harris.