Why I’ll be Watching the Superbowl — No, Hell Did Not Freeze Over

{Hat: Vintage. Shirt: H&M. Necklace: Isa Boutique. Jeans: Rebel Miami. Superbowl Scarf: c/o Gypsy 05. Photographed by moi.}

Fact: I normally don’t give a rat’s patootie about football, so the Superbowl is just another Sunday. But this year I’m so excited about Superbowl 48 I’m ready to—wait, I’m not really excited about the game, per say. I just wanted to watch the commercials. Why? Because I’m going to be in one during the third quarter of the game. Be on the lookout for the Vapor Zone commercial, airing across the Southeast, because I’m in it. To celebrate, I’ve decided to give away Gypsy 05’s Superbowl Scarves created for the big game at the commercial viewing party at Wood Tavern on Superbowl Sunday.

Here’s how you can win: The first fan from each team to show up to the soiree in Wynwood and say hey to me gets the scarf of their choice. There’s a mint/blue combo to represent the Seattle Seahawks and an orange and blue combo to represent the Denver Broncos. And if you’re anything like me and care more about the commericals than the teams, don’t stress. These super soft and umber yummy scarves are wearable long after the last pitch, er dribble, uh I mean pass.

To win, just drop by Wood Tavern in Wynwood and find me. Be the first to tell me the team you love and the scarf is all yours. Then, stick around and catch me on the tube.

So who am I rooting for? Considering I have zero point of reference for either team, I went with the Seahawks for two reasons: I love the color combo and Seattle had a kick-ass music scene in the ’90s. Yup, that’s how a fashionista picks a football team, just in case you ever wondered. Are you ready for some football? Hell no. Commercials? Hell yes!