Barbie Girl

{Wearing: Gown from Style Saves Discounted Designer Shop in Wynwood.

Photographed by Style Saves.}

Remember prom?

I do. My junior year I ditched my date, “borrowed his car” and ended up taking my prom pic with my best friend instead.

Turns out her date was a dud, too.

In the end, we had a blast. Two girls in gowns taking over the town.

Our dresses were stunning. Beautiful. Amazing. We were Thelma and Louise in gowns.

Prom and dresses. That’s such a huge part of a girl’s life.

Here’s how you can contribute to that:

Style Saves, the amazing organization that uses fashion to care for kids in need, is doing a little something called Project Prom, where it will dress more than 300 students and send them off to prom night.

Here’s where you come in:

See this dress I have on? It’s so cha-cha-cha delicious. I love it. I feel like Flamenco Barbie in it. You can also feel like Flamenco Barbie in it, and a whole warehouse full of other gowns. Style Saves sells designer dresses at a fraction of the cost and donates the funds to its many causes. So as these kids are heading off to prom season and you’re dying for something to wear to gala season, a friend’s wedding, those random Saturday nights when you re-enact accepting your Oscar, what-have-you—you can pop into the shop, snag a dress and know your money is going to give some girl a complete Cinderella moment.

Also, that dress you wore last gala season, to your friend’s wedding or your at-home Oscar acceptance speech—you know the one you can’t wear again because double wears are so (sadly) unacceptable—send it here. What you can’t use someone else can.

They say pretty is as pretty does. This is a whole lot of that.

You can find the Style Saves Discounted Designer Shop at 2600 N.W. Second Ave. in Wynwood.