The Fine Print


That’s me pre-Mercury in retrograde. What does that mean, exactly? It means Mercury appears to move backward and things get all out of whack. It’s supposed to be a time to slow down and contemplate, but what really happens is sheer and utter chaos—a lot and everywhere you go, too. Your computer will eat your files. Your friends and family will suddenly become Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. People will get out of their cars and stand in parking spots after you’ve clearly had your turn signal on for five minutes. And you’ll have plumbing and car problems in the same week—true story. You may think the universe is out to get you. But it’s not just you. It’s out to give everyone a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. And just in time for your family to descend on your house for Thanksgiving, too. Yikes. It’s a lot to deal with and managing to not blow your top in the midsts of it is a balancing act you’re just going to have to juggle from now until November 26, when Mercury gets back on track. Hang in there. And wear something fun to distract you. Just be prepared for the universe to dump freshly squeezed juice all over it. Fight back with a Tide stick. Think of it as retrograde protection. Too bad they don’t make something like that for the girl behind the register at Publix giving you the stink eye for no good reason.

{Forever 21 tank. Vintage vest. Target striped jeans and scarf. Miss Trish sandals c/o Miss Trish. H&M cuff.}