Stepping Into The New Louboutin


With an influx of new designers entering the fashion world all the time it’s important to revisit the staples sometimes. They are the iconic designers that help define the industry, and surpassed decades of ever-changing trends with classic styles.

When you think high-end, fashion industry leaders, you’re likely to come up with a few names like Coco Chanel and Christian Dior. But when you’re talking about shoes, no one compares to Christian Louboutin.

Unlike other designers, Louboutin has always focused primarily on shoes, and boy, do celebrities love them. Footwear News spotted Taylor Swift wearing several pairs of Louboutins recently. From a pair of red-bottom, black leather booties that retail for well over a thousand dollars to a much more modest pair of block heeled sandals, Swift’s love for Louboutin certainly isn’t defined by the price tag.

But Louboutin’s latest spike in headlines isn’t from celebrities wearing his fabulous styles. He has garnered additional attention lately, thanks in part to his impressive show during fashion week, but also because of a recent series spotlight from the New York Times. The special takes a sneak peak into the world of some of the most famous designers featured during fashion week, and Louboutin’s episode received the highly coveted series finale spot.

There were a couple things that viewers learned about Louboutin during his exposé. The most surprising thing wasn’t his charmingly cluttered Paris studio, or his love of knickknacks and inability to throw anything away. It wasn’t his friendly demeanor, constant smile, or his practicality towards the design process. It wasn’t even the sheer joy he got out of dancing alongside a battery-operated cat.

It’s was a culmination of all of these little things, each one of which made the divine designer seem surprisingly approachable, and dare we say, relatable. He’s quirky, superstitious, and takes comfort in a familiar, homey atmosphere.

This man who seems larger than life, who makes shoes for celebrities and royalty, really just wants to be happy and make beautiful creations. He also wants everyone else to enjoy life as he does—a feeling that he has proved with his latest collections.

While his style once seemed out of reach for the everyday fashionista, his designs today seemingly reflect his disposition as recorded by the New York Times. They’re fit for everyone, combining comfort and style for the everyday girl that actually has to walk in those beautiful shoes once in a while. And there’s much more than just breathtaking shoes. The Christian Louboutin collection on Lyst features several different pieces like card holders and wallets that make for endearing, down-home accessories that you wouldn’t expect, but still maintain the designer’s classic attention to detail and quality.

They’re worth a look, as is Christian Louboutin. Sometimes it’s hard to picture the person behind the brand, but this joyous man, and his beautiful creations, are deserving of the hype and certainly worth a look.

You can’t go wrong with a classic Louboutin. He knows beauty, and wants everyone wearing his brand to feel just as stunning as the pieces they purchase. Invest in a few quality selections now, and you can continue to get use out of this designer’s amazing styles for seasons to come.