Spring 2015 Beauty Trends at NYFW

I have so many fashion week stories to tell, but let me get to the guts and glory before I start weighing in on my experience. (I’m saving that gem for last.)

First things first, let’s talk hair and makeup trends for spring 2015. I started off my backstage trend-tracking adventure at Costello Tagliapietra at Milk Studios. Makeup came under the direction of Tina Turnbow for using Jane Iredale and Arcona for skincare. Here, it was all about the eyes. Strike that, make that the eyelashes. (Did you hear that? My inner mascara/turned-lash-extension junkie just yipped.) Of course, beautiful, flawless skin will always be the perfect canvas, so prep accordingly and invest in a good foundation. As the artist explained, when eyes are the focus, bags and dark circles will take away from the big picture every single time. Hi, welcome to why women invest entire incomes in eye cream. So, find a concealer that blends well and have at it. And while you’re at it, here’s the tip of the day:

Use your mascara that you accidently smudge under your bottom lashes as smokey liner. Right? Who knew? I’ve been accidently doing that for years and then wasting valuable Q-tips cleaning it up. Stop! Rock your mess.

And when it comes to lashes, channel Twiggy. Glob on your mascara and then pinch lashes together, then press up. And if you’re going to do crazy lashes, give the brows a break. Tame those beasts. Only one eye extreme at a time, otherwise it becomes overload.

As for nails, the trend is light and lovely. Essie’s Bikini So Teeny blue shade is one you’ll fight the girl next to you for at the nail salon. Remember, sharing is caring.

Over at Marissa Webb, the look was smokey eyes by Maybelline. But it was the Tresemme-styled hair that actually made me thankful I’m growing this mop atop my head out. The braid trend shows no signs of unfurling anytime soon. But forget the ladylike stuff. Here, models sported braided pompadours with side braids that gave a mohawk-like effect. Others donned a five-strand side braid that will have you researching YouTube videos like a fiend and cursing the gods for not giving you more a)hands and/or b) fingers. It was the perfect look for the normcore-esque fashions the looks were paired with.

And speaking of fashion, based on day one, I can say that ethereal with a grunge edge is the new normal. While BCBG sent flowing pastels down the runway (the kimono sleeve is back in a big way), Costello Tagliapietra played with feminine shapes in blue or mustard plaid patterns. Marissa Webb sent military trench coats atop silky frilled dresses, proving no matter where fashion goes, pretty packs packs staying power. The red pieces, however, were my personal favorites. Like that’s any surprise.