Splitting Hairs With Cynthia Rowley

First Band-Aids—because those nude numbers your doc uses just won’t do. Now tweezers. Cynthia Rowley is dressing up your boo-boo and beauty routine.

{Tweezerman + Cynthia Rowley = Wow brows.}

Turns out, the designer also has a flat iron she collaborated on with Amika. As widely publicized, back in May Rowley released a designer collab with Band-Aid, a beach-inspired rendezvous. But her most recent patnership with Tweezerman, the only tweezers I’ll even go near my brows with, is less beach-y and more bold. Find the Sporty Foulard prints in the Slant Tweezer in Light Blue and Dark Blue. The Signature Red look can be found on the Mini Slant Tweezer. Totally worth pulling your hair out with. What’s up next for the designer and her beauty branding barrage: Cynthia Rowley + Q-Tip swabs. I kid, but that could be cute displayed in a glass jar. Find these tweezers at Sephora for a limited time only.

{Cynthia Rowley bandages, for designer boo-boos.}