Speedo Makes Teeny Bikinis Now

{c/o Speedo Helena Top and Piper Bottom. Photographed By Jorge Camaraza}

Here’s something I’m guessing you probably didn’t know: Speedo makes teeny sexy bikinis now. The company, which celebrates its 90th year in production, has thrown a curveball into its image. And it’s amazing. I met up with the brand during Swim Week and got the whole scoop. And speaking of scoops, even the booty is scooped out of the bottoms. I actually couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The brand known for staying in place as divers twisted and turned off the high dive into the pool below, just brought sexy back.

And then I put it to the test. I donned the navy bikini with its strategically placed holes to the pool at the Standard. I got compliments left and right. And the minute I said it was Speedo, I got the same reaction across the board: “What? That’s Speedo?”


Here’s what else you should know. Since it is Speedo, all the technology that keeps those swimmers’ and divers’ suits in tact keeps these in tact to. In fact, I’ve never had a teeny bikini bottom that didn’t ride up into places we won’t get into until now.

I put the green one to the test in Bimini and the same round of compliments followed by sheer shock followed.

So now you know, Speedo makes itsy bitsy sexy bikinis now. And they stay exactly where they should.

Let’s see what else they come up with in the next 90 years. I’m willing to wait it out.

{c/o Speedo Sydney Top and Trinity Hipster Bottom.}