Orange Crush

{Jacket: Touch Boutique. Tank: Gap. Shorts: Target. Shoes: Zara. Bag: Vintage Reign. Necklace: c/o Jami }

Because you knew this wasn’t the last time you’d see these shoes. And speaking of orange, some of my favorite songs are about the color (hence the name of this post). I actually interviewed R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe once upon a time. He was awesome and motivated me to vote (it was an election year and voting was something I’d never done before). He told me if I ever wanted to see a woman be president, and I do, that I needed to get out there and vote for the party that would most likely pave that way. So I did. And I’m still waiting, Mr. Stipe. Still waiting. But I know it will happen eventually. Whoa, am I talking politics in June. This heat must be getting to me.

Photographed by David Marc Harris.