So long, Mai Tardi


On Wednesday night, the Design District bid adieu to one of its cooler spots: Mai Tardi. The Italian restro came courtesy of Graziano Sbroggio. With a packed house for it’s closing party one has to wonder: Why would this place close up shop? That’s the exact question I asked Sbroggio. His answer: He sold the business. Turns out, the whole building is being purchasedso it can be knocked down and rebuilt and added on to.

Personally, this crushes me. Mai Tardi (which has these amazing rice and cheese balls) isn’t your typical Miami dining experience. It’s so al fresco, it feels like you are part of the night, rather than at a restaurant at night. I spent some fun times there during Basel and Fashion Week. The best part of those times was being inside/outside smack in the middle of the Design District, under the starry sky, surrounded by trees, relaxing on a couch. So undinner-like. So un-pretentious Miami.

This unique space, with it’s mosaic walls, will soon be no more. And what will go in it’s place? Whatever it is has not yet been revealed. But I’m assuming because the Dacra powers that be made the decision to do away with the space that it won’t be nearly as cool as what’s there now. Though, with the onslaught of fashion opens in the area, we could be in for a designer surprise. As for whether or not Mai Tardi will enhabit a new space in the DD is yet to be determined. But we can hope.

To fun nights under the Miami sky. So long, Mai Tardi.

Mai Tardi officially closes its doors on Saturday after gallery walk.