So This Just Happened …


{Sandals: Sam & Libby Silver Sandals. Polish: Essie Plumberry.}

I own silver Birksenstock ish sandals. How in the hell did this happen? Well … I’ve always run in the other direction of ugly shoe trends. I staved off Uggs, Crocs, platform sneakers. I even said no to overalls (which I know isn’t a shoe, but still). I’ve even gone as far as to take a pair of Birkenstocks owned by someone I know and throw them in the trash as I was picking out other shoes for them to wear because I refused to spend one more minute in the company of hideous hippie shoes. So, when buddy Maria Tettamanti showed up with them at the beach one day, I said no. No, no, no.

But then fellow blogger Jana of OJ and Cigs started wearing them on her blog and Instagram, and it piqued my interest. The next time I saw Maria in them, I had to admit there was something to the silver metallic goodness. And before I knew it, I was doing a shoe trend piece on them for my Fearless Fashionista gig. At Pilates this past week, I had a full-fledge breakdown and confessed the ugly truth: I wanted Birks. I needed them. Maria told me to save my pennies and buy the $29.99 pair from Target, claiming hers were too clunky and the others were more streamlined. For $30, I was willing to take the risk.

So cue the mission to find these damn shoes, which I’ve dubbed Firks (as in faux Birks). I was hoping for black, but two Targets later (they aren’t available online), I found my size in silver. And I bought them. Maria was right, they are slimmer. And they’re fun. I plan to wear them to yoga and Pilates with my Lulus.

What I wasn’t planning on, however, was the backlash I got for confessing my purchase. When I posted the news, my Facebook lit up into a mixed bag of Birk-bashers and haute hippies who swear by the shoes. For the most part, the antis ran my feed. Look, I’m just as surprised as you are. Does this mean I’m going to attend Phish concerts? Hell no. I also plan to continue showering regularly, just say no to underarm hair and brush my locks every day to keep the dreads at bay.

But I’ll be doing it in my silver firks—or as blogger buddy Kelly Saks likes to call them, shower shoes. I’m sure I’ll regret this in a year and change but for now I actually own comfy shoes.