The Best Day Ever


{Vintage blouse. J Brand jeans. Vintage hat and shoes. Delicate Raymond vintage monogrammed necklace. The Webster for Target bangle. Louis Vuitton Never Full.

Sometimes you just need a good adventure. Thelma and Louise had one. They also had a young Brad Pitt and a classic convertible. Maria Tettamanti and I had my mom-mobile and enough time before our kids got out of school to check out what’s new in Miami. Our first stop, Silowet Couture. You may have heard of it. It’s the bespoke denim spot in Wynwood that will be having its grand opening on the 21st. Creator Stacy Glover is as sick of ill-fitting jeans as you are. So, he decided to do something about it. Soon, you’ll be able to get a pair of jeans that look like they were made just for you—because they are. As someone who does not own a single pair of jeans that have not been altered in some shape, way or form, I’m beyond thrilled with the whole concept. While at Silowet, where each pair of jeans is created by one seamstress (she starts by measuring you and sees your one pair of jeans through the entire process), Stacy and I had this conversation:

Stacy: How long does it take you to get a pair of jeans, and by that I mean the whole process?

Me: I have a pair of jeans I bought three months ago that are sitting in my mighty alterations pile because they are way too long. Three months. Still haven’t worn them. How long does it take to get custom jeans?

Stacy: About 10 days.

Me: Where have you been all my life?

{That’s Stacy and his endless options of denim rolls on the wall.}

{Maria taking a stand for custom denim.}

Getting measured for skinny jeans pre-lunch was a great idea, because what happened next can only be categorized as gluttonous. As the unofficial president of the grilled cheese club, I’ve eyeballing the situation at the Daily Melt, the toasted cheese shop where all the sammies were created by James Beard Award winning chef Allen Susser, every time I go anywhere near Midtown. And then, the glorious day came when it finally opened. So, Maria and I went. And we ate. Epically. Here’s my three cheese sammie and smores dessert—the latter of which was solely Maria’s idea. And I both love and hate her for it. Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s back to yoga I go.

After stuffing ourself like bell peppers, it was off for some pampering, but not until we encountered one of those new fangled parking machines that left both Maria and I dumbfounded and feeling like those little old ladies, you know the ones who are always in front of you at said parking machine when you are running late. They stand there for what feels like eternity and a half hour, clueless, while you stomp your feet, bite you tongue and then eventually rip the card from their hand and just do the whole damn thing for them. I swear I thought I had another 25 years before I had that moment. Wrong.

Final stop: Aquathermes. The salon in downtown Miami is beautiful with a flare of Jetsons-eque technology. In addition to guests getting iPads, the shampoo station comes complete with a reclining, vibrating chair equipped with a canopy of ever-changing aura-esque ambiant lighting. It was by far, the coolest shampoo I’ve ever had. Followed by an amazing blowout and a stellar manicure. Kudos to Maria for discovering KB Shimmer’s glitter polish. It’s like a birthday party on my nails. Sure Thelma and Louise had a bad-ass adventure. But in the end, they drove off a cliff. We drove home with fab hair and nails. I’ll take that any day.