Shopping the Closet: A Prairie Home Companion

Cowboy up.

In a perfect world I’d have a new something to wear every day. But, it’s not a perfect world. And sometimes you have to (sigh) re-wear the pre-existing pieces in your closet. Today’s one of those recycling days. So, I opted to put together some much-loved pieces in a whole new combo. What that yielded was a look I’m calling A Prairie Home Companion, consisting of a vintage slip (you know, because I’m the vintage queen), a Lucky denim button-up (plucked from my sister-in-law), my Lola James necklace and a pair of vintage Nine West boots I bought at a thrift store in college for a hayride party. Yup, they are still kickin’.

The best thing about vintage boots: They come already broken in.

The inspiration for today’s look: the weather. It’s was a crisp (70 degrees) and windy day in Miami Beach. A flowing skirt is fun billowing in the wind, so long as its long enough to prevent any Marilyn Monroe moments. The button-up kept me warm. And the boots, well, any time the weather dips below 75, it’s time to haul those babies out and wear ‘em for as long as you can.