Crushin’ on Blush

{Dress: Shoes: BCBG. Necklace: Vintage}

I’m a Blush girl. I stop in at least twice a month. I scan the website when I know I have somewhere to be and nothing to wear. And a large chunk of my wardrobe is from there. Yup, I’m a Blush girl. And this week I get to share my favorites from the site as part of Blush Boutique’s blogger campaign. So if you need to add a few things to your closet, might I suggest hopping over to

My latest fave, this amazing maxi dress I scooped up the day it came in. Unfortunately, it’s sold out, but rumor has it there might be more to come sooner than later. Trust me, it’s the perfect Miami frock. The backless aspect is like built-in AC. Those girls are Blush are true geniuses when it comes to picking what Miami girls simply can’t live without.

Find my favorite Blush in Miami Beach at 1935 West Ave., Miami Beach (305.531.3050) or online at