Resolve This …

{Wearing: Crop Top: Shopblush.com. Grey Leopard Skirt: c/o shopblush.com. Bag: DVF c/o T.J. Maxx. Booties: Valentino. Photographed by Milly Jane Harris.}

I’m not one for making resolutions. I mean, hey, if I did, I’d be beating myself up about the workouts I’ve skipped since January started, chastising myself for my Mexican Coke addiction and weighing myself down for not getting enough shut eye so I could dance the night away. I’m human. I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to err. At least that’s how the saying goes. And while I’m not beating myself up for tripping along the way, here’s what I decided to turn my back on in the new year.

If I never hear the songs “Waves,” “All About That Bass,” “Happy” or anything by Lorde again, I’m good. I’m turning my back on catchy, overplayed music DJs need to just let go of already.

So long, expectations. My mom (aka the Oracle of Worldly Knowledge) has said this to me for years. YEARS. And I didn’t get it. Then, the lightbulb for something so simple—yet so hard to do—magically went off. When you are constantly expecting something to happen, you will find yourself let down when it doesn’t. For that reason alone, I’m giving expectations the cold shoulder. Instead, I’m rolling with the punches and enjoying the adventure. If it happens, great. Even better than great, because I wasn’t expecting it, whatever it may be.

No more Negative Nelly. Man, have you ever met someone who was so full of piss and vinegar that everything out of their mouth sent you running for a pop of Prozac? My new mantra in 2015 is don’t worry, be happy. If you’re giving me something to worry about, I’m out. I’ll smile and wave but pick up the pace as I make my way past you. I’d rather someone fill my day with Lisa Frank unicorn stickers than daggers thrown at someone we both know—or worse, me. No time for that. None. 

No is the new yes. No may be the hardest word for me. I’m a yes woman. Do I need a 50th black crop top? Yes! Should I take this project I clearly have no time to do but will take on because I know it will make me absolutely neurotic? Yes! Should I feel guilty about trying to balance a life, multiple jobs and a kiddo? Yes! Not anymore. I’m retiring the WonderWoman jumpsuit. It didn’t fit that great to begin with. From now on if I have a shadow of a doubt, it’s a no. A big fat big NO with all caps … for most things, anyway. Should I have that Mexican Coke for breakfast instead of a glass of water or a fresh squeezed juice? Hell yes. If it makes you happy, it’s can’t be that bad. 

Happy first two weeks of 2015.