Behind the Scenes at Dove for Self Magazine

{That’s me, being a real woman on page 64 of the April issue of Self magazine.}

A few months back, I was picked to be one of Dove‘s real women for its go sleeveless campaign. Amazingly, the ad was all about yoga. And since we all know how much I love yoga, I thought, kismet. The cool thing about Dove is it uses real women instead of models (otherwise, my 5’1-ness would have never had a chance at being a “model” for the day) in all its campaigns. This taste of the model life (car service, wardrobe, hair, makeup) left me longing for God-given leg length, but I’ll settle for more brands using real women so we can all feel beautiful. From the day-before mani and pedi session to the camaraderie on set with the team from Conde Nast, the whole experience was one for the books blogs.

I was beyond thrilled to see hair and makeup camped outside the trailer, after all, it was well before the sun came up when this show got on the road, and I don’t wake up looking camera ready. Who does? Because Dove focuses on natural beauty, the look for the day was light and easy. It was one of the best professional makeup jobs I’ve ever had, too. Her secret weapons: Shu Uemura, a lash-curling wand and No-Ad sunscreen. (P.S. funny post coming up sooner than later about this dress. Stay tuned.)

Celeb hair stylist Brent Lavettt whipped my ‘do into shape using his own line of haircare products, including this sea spray, which is ah-may-zing. He also asked if he could cut my hair, but I can’t cheat on Todd. No matter how famous you are.

Outfitted in LuluLemon, we headed to the set, a beach in Surfside.

As seen through the lens by celeb photog Ben Watts. He’s shot everything from Justin Bieber’s album art to Victoria’s Secret models. He’s also Naomi Watt’s brother. And he’s hilarious. Cue the Brit/Australian accent saying laugh out loud things like, “You’re a tiger, baby. Roar.”

This monkey, er, tiger, in the middle.

But in the end, we went with this formation and a tree pose. Such a fun experience and one that is so close to home for me, doing yoga. The best part, however, celebrating women for who we are and all the shapes and sizes we come in.