DIY Fun With SearsStyle at Art Basel

With Art Basel pulling Miami in a million different directions, a girly retreat smack in the middle of the madness wasn’t just a great idea, it was a necessity. Thankfully, I found a reprieve at the SearsStyle Art of Fashion lounge at the Raleigh hotel. That’s me pretending my feet don’t hurt in those Steven Madeen heels,  vintage leather skirt, H&M top and Danielle Nicole bag.

I hosted the event alongside Miami fashion blogger Annie Vazquez and Jenni Radosevich of I Spy DIY.

Girly goodness started with Sally Hanen mini manis.

And included makeup applications from NYX, because, hey, after a week’s worth of constant Baseling (hello bags under the eyes!), a professional makeup application isn’t such a bad idea.


Playing up the art angle of the event, everyone was encouraged to tag a canvas with their blog. Yeah, mine would be the oversized one smack in the middle. What can I say, I’m my own publicist.

Up next, a trip to the Bongo denim bar for a pair of jeans …

and off to the DIY table for studding, bedazzling, distressing and more.

I shredded a white V-neck tee and made it into a studded crop top. Will definitely be wearing that to yoga this week. Inspiration provided by Jenni’s book, I Spy DIY Style.

Outside, iPads for shopping and creating your own catalogue on Shop Your Way rested next to the photo booth, which was fully taken advantage of the blogger brigade.

That’s Rosa Cordero seizing her Kodak moment.

And then, like clowns packed into a car, me and a crew took the booth down in a goofy shoot extravaganza with Maria Tettamanti, Sara Liss and Gino Campodonico. Such a blast.

Afterward, I slipped down to the Architectural Digest Oasis in the sand and scored a pair of Carrera glasses.

New sunnies that fold up into a virtual two-inch ball were the perfect addition to my Basel survival kit: Flats, my Nikon and cinnamon Altoids.