Save the Date: C. Madeleines Vintage Yard Sale

Save the date. See you there.

Holy Mary Mother of God. C. Madeleines just announced its third annual vintage yard sale. Yes, my thrift store-lovin’ retro mamas, it’s on. Save the date for Sunday, April 22. The sale gets started at 8 a.m. Just like the past two years, I’ll get there 45 minutes early and wait in my car, chomping at the bit to get at the racks of retro goodness and dreaming of gold lame maxi dresses that I’ll hack off mid thigh, thus giving my seamstress a glean in her eye when she sees me roll in with a bag of vintage-needing alterations. Find C. Madeleines at 13702 Biscayne Boulevard in North Miami Beach.

Last year I scored this amazing vintage maxi dress. Still am yet to wear it, but I just love it.