{Wearing: Top: Kore. Shorts: Blush. Bag: c/o T.J. Maxx. Necklace and Bracelet: c/o RoxHouse. Photographed by World Red Eye.}

I love a margarita, sometimes more than shoes. Sometimes, more than cheese. Sometimes, I love a margarita more than I like people—especially people who like to have conference calls. That last one makes me need a margarita—or 10. But I digress.

What I don’t love about a margarita is all the crunches I have to do the next day to negate how fattening they are. The average margarita has 153 calories. In order to work off 153 calories, you have to walk for 40 minutes, jog for 18 minutes, swim for 13 minutes or cycle for 21 minutes. And that’s just one. You know you’re going to have at least two of those (on a good day). On a bad day, well, get ready to hit the gym after you’re likely to down enough to forget your own name, dance like no one is watching, walk home barefoot and share a bag of chips with the dog in your bed. Hey, it happens.

And here’s where I come in and change your life: There’s a margarita with no calories, perfect for good days and bad. And it’s as easy to make as flipping your wrist, as I experienced last Thursday when I hosted the launch of RSVP Skinnies at Haven. But it wasn’t just margaritas on the menu, there were also calorie-free Miami breezes and cosmos. We picked our poisons, courtesy of Bacardi, for the night and then used the packaged mixer (free samples here) to turn our drinks into tasty concoctions. It went a little something like this …

gingerharris rsvp skinnies4

gingerharris rsvp skinnies3

gingerharris rsvp skinnies2

gingerharris rsvp skinnies1