Rockin' the Color Jeans

Red jeans by Mossimo. Vintage cami, Eugenia Kim for Target hat, Fifi and Elvis shooties, vintage Carlos Falchi leopard purse, vintage cuff.

I’m a solids or ’70s big, overdone prints kind of girl. Ninety-eight percent of my closet is black. And I’m more of the classic than trendy variety. So, when the colored denim trend came out, I rolled my eyes. Colored denim? Really, is it 1987 again? Vomit. What’s next, crop tops? Yup. That’s what I thought. I ignored it for a long, long time. So, I was literally shocked out of my own shoes when I was strangely attracted to the colored denim rack at Target. But, with a trend on sale for $19.99, even if I only wore it once and hated every second of it, it was no biggie. So, I did it. I bought a pair of magenta-colored skinny jeans. I threw them on, rolled them up at the bottom (because God knows I don’t own any pants that haven’t been altered due to my vertical challenge-ment), paired them with a blue-ish purple tank (OMG color-blocking, too, all in the same day? Whoa!) and wore them to a MAM meeting and book club. Upon arriving at book club, my jeans found themselves in good company, as almost all the other girls in attendance were also color-blocking and color-denim-ing, too. And then someone complimented my jeans. I let out the dirty little secret that I scored them at Target for a whopping $19.99, and that’s where the confessions started. Turns out, other girls at book club also scored themselves the bargin jeans in rainbow hues. One even confessed she splurged on the ones from Current/ Elliott (which run about $140) and that her Mossimo brands fit better and the color was more fade resistant. She, however, got hers for $22.99, before they went on sale. But she vowed to return to Target the following day to get more. I decided to do the same. And the next day, I scored red, green and a pair of grey leopard that are also a remake of the Current/ Elliott ($198), and also $19.99. Thus far, I’ve worn my magenta, my red and my leopard. I’m hoping to give the green jeans a go this weekend. Final verdict: love them, totally into this trend and thrilled I got four pairs of jeans (including alteration costs) for less than it would have cost to get one pair from Current/ Elliott.

Here’s a few things, however, you should know about the Mossimo brand before running out and scooping them up:

Online, it says they are not available in store, but they are. They are also $22.99 online, $19.99 in stores.

These jeans run one to two sizes smaller that what you normally wear. When they say skinny, they aren’t kidding. I bought the next size up.

I haven’t washed mine yet to feel out the shrinking/fading factor, but I have no intention of putting them near the dryer to prevent either.

The leopard jeans also come in tan, which is also a remake of Current/Elliott, and are completely sold out at Nordstrom. The Mossimo version, unlike the colored denim, are very roomy and run a little on the big size. Buy your regular size or a size smaller.

On your mark, get set, go, bargainista, go!

Me rockin’ my leopard jeans at Fashion Bloggers Do It Better. Photo courtesy of James Echols of If you don’t know, make it a point to do so. They are so on top of local events, that it will make your head spin and your calendar full.