Ring Ring

I’m LIVing.

Tonight’s adventures led me to LIV for the Verizon Droid Razr party put on by my friends at Miami mag. Always love bumping into the adorbs Joseph Quinones. In tow, my partner in crime, Erin, and gal pal Courtney. Upon entering the fete, we paused at the step and repeat for a quick snap, which was then texted to us on the new Droid Razr. As a current Droid owner, I was kind of amped to see the new phone. It’s pretty slick. Definitely bigger than my Evo, but about three times thinner. More screen is never a bad thing. And get this, the back is made of Kevlar. Bulletproof. The front also has a super scratch guard for all the fun accidental fumbling you do with your phone. Quick, make a teeth-clenching “dropped your phone” face. Now know you won’t have to make that again. Think of all the money you’ll save on Botox.

Cheese with Erin at the step and repeat.

DJ Irie was at the deck making music. And there was a live musical performance, too. The new tablet was littered around the party. It, too, was pretty sleek. But the best part of the night was when I, and 12 other attendees, won my very own Razr. So long, Evo. You just got upgraded. Watch out, Verizon, here I come.