Reference Point: Christmas Tree Takedown

Curb alert.

While we were out galavanting on NYE, we ran into fellow blogger Hadley Henriette. Total side note: girl has style like none other. She mentioned she publicly disagreed with our when-to-take-down-the-tree post. So we took a little trip over to her blog, “Field Day” and took a look-see for ourselves. Now that’s a lovely tree, Hadley. But she plans to leave it up until at least Valentine’s Day. This also spawned a conversation with the other New Year’s Eve-bies I was hanging with, and it turns out Erin’s mom was infamous for keeping her tree up well into April. Yes, April. When I was a kid, that thing hit the curb the day after Christmas and the ornaments were packed up and put away just as quickly. Mine actually took a trip back to the big bag in the garage today—remember, it’s eco-chic. Since this seems to be a heated topic, I have to ask, how long do you let your Christmas tree linger? Are you a put-it-away-the-day after kind of crew? Or are you pine needle preserver well into the new year? And how do you keep it alive for that long? Let’s discuss.