Ready, Set, Target Style

{Wearing a little something from Target in each of these pics.}

I’ve been shopping at Target since I was like 4 (it’s one of the benefits of growing up in the Midwest—the motherland of Target). When I was a kiddo, my grandmother would take me and we’d spend endless hours in the toy aisle buying ’80s staples like Sea Wees, My Little Pony, Barbie, She-Ra, etc …

As an adult, Target has become my Disneyland, a playground, if you will, for retail therapy, a place to pick up things we need for the house and a bunch of stuff we don’t and go-to to surprise Milly the same way my grandma surprised me.

As a blogger, Target is what propelled me to have a fashion blog. Before WuGate the only person who tuned into my blog was my Mom with her “You go, Girl” comments. Thanks, mom.

Clearly, Target and I have a thing going on. So, when Target reached out and invited me to be a contestant in its three-city fall styling challenge, I jumped (literally) for joy. See, if you shop at Target enough, Target will notice.

Now I’m inviting you to come and watch me style two muses in Target’s fall finest for Ready, Set, TargetStyle. I’m going head-to-head with two bloggers I consider sisters. Fair warning, The Wordy Girl and The Fashion Poet, given my love of Target and my history of shopping there, you are in for some serious competition and a really good time. What’s on the agenda? Think Project Runway meets Miami blogger style with a Target twist. We’ll go against each other in two classic white shirt challenges judged by three celeb judges. My secret weapons for the night: my two fabulous muses: Angeles Almuna and Erin Newberg and a very long history of filling that red cart.

Come join the party on Thursday, October 2. There will be a beauty bar, DJ and photo booth to keep the good times rolling.

Here’s all the deets you could ever need:

WHO: TARGET, Ginger Harris, Annie Vazquez & Maria Tettamanti

WHAT: #TargetStyle Miami Event

WHEN: Thursday, Oct. 2 at 6:30 p.m.

WHERE: Target, 8350 S. Dixie Highway, Miami

RSVP: Click here

WHY: Support your local bloggers!