A Rose by Any Other Name

{Watch: c/o Rapp in Pink Naples.}

What has a twinge of pink, a hint of copper and is quickly making its mark as my go-to metal? Rose gold. I’ve always considered myself a silver over gold kind of girl, but lately, there’s just something about rose gold that’s caught my eye. My first foray was the bejeweled bracelets above. Then I got the cuff, which was fun to mix with gold and silver for a metal mash-up. And now I’m adding this Rapp watch to my arm party for a complete rose gold get-together. A little FYI about the watch, it’s a Miami/L.A. created timepiece and it comes in as many colors as you can think of. But these days, it’s all about my obsession with rose gold. Add a white band and we’re golden—rose golden that is.