Changing Seasons

{Wearing: Dress: Ramona LaRue. Shoes: Jimmy Choo. Photographed by Jorge Camaraza.}

Today marks the first day of fall. And yet, here in Miami, it’s like June never left. Hotter even, now that Irma has ravaged all of our shady green trees. All of our leaves have lost their trees, but this, this is not fall. These pictures, however are my last trip to Colorado, where it did, in fact, feel like fall. So while our northern sisters plan which over-the-knee boots will go with what outfit, we’ll be down here taking our third shower of the day because we walked from our front door to our car before sunset. Or stood outside from more than 3 minutes. Or tried to wear jeans.

While we won’t be able to don fall fashions for months to come now or even one at a time come those few months from now, I’m happy to share that I have a new concept launching on the blog that will give us Florida girls, as well as girls who are stuck in other humidity-laden areas, a taste of fall. While I don’t want to share too much just yet, I will say be on the lookout soon.

So here’s to sipping rose on the beach for the next four months.

Here’s to continuing to wear one-piece bathing suits as bodysuits under our denim cutoffs.

Here’s to working off the Irma 15 because those bikinis aren’t going into storage any time soon.

Here’s to endless days in open-toe sandals.

Here’s to all the things we, as Floridians, get a whole half a season more of.

Trust me, soon enough all those sipping their pumpkin lattes without sweating will want to be right where we are.