Prabal Gurung for Target Arrives

Today was the day: Prabal Gurung for Target. So, in typical fashion, I show up to take my pic of people’s feet in front of the door and there’s no one standing there. Just a few people sitting off to the side, and I think cool, this isn’t going to be a crime scene. To pass the time, I log on to Target’s website, only to find out that the damn shoes I wanted are only being sold online. Seriously, Target, love/hate. Love/hate. That’s all I have to say about that. The leather jacket, too, is only online. WHAT.EVER.RRRR. About 15 minutes later, we get the song and dance from the people inside, who literally pried the doors open to inform us we can only have up to five of each item. Since I’m not selling anything on Ebay and the people around me seem human, I think OK, no big deal. But some lady who showed up about 15 minutes after the few of us were standing there starts to get aggressive and she’s telling stories about her friends in N.Y. waiting in the blizzard in a huge line and I think, “Oh no. Here we go. Shit show.” And that’s basically what happened, only on a much smaller scale than I’ve experienced in past collaborations.

Once the gates were open, one woman literally ran in, while the rest of us walked. I skipped over clothes entirely and went right to shoes. And I’m glad I did, because when I went back to shoes about five minutes later …

Most of them were gone. Kind of annoyed with myself for not getting the multicolored clutch in the pic above, but at first glance it seemed too small to fit more than my phone.

After my shoe fix, I started to access the situation. Thanks to people like this lady, who apparently got there at 6:45, the five only rule needed to be put into effect and she took all five of each thing (or most of them. Her entire cart was brimming over. Look for her to sell this stuff on Ebay later today and for no one to buy it.) The rest of the crowd seemed to grab everything in two sizes, so if you wanted to get something, you had to wait by the dressing rooms to see what got put back. This, I’ve come to realize, is just how this stuff will always go.

But enough about the shoppers, let’s get down to the clothes. How were they? Well, the colors were really neon, which I’m totally over. And the quality was very Forever 21.

The shorts I thought I needed, not so great in terms of quality. For some reason, I thought they were satin, based on the ads. They weren’t.

And while this skirt seemed pretty great, the lace at the bottom kind of killed it for me. Plus, the sizing seemed a little on the bigger size, so don’t size up if you are buying online.

Here’s  detail shot.

After breezing past the much-ignored jewelry counter, I tried on the cute bracelets, which, like the clothes, run big. And then it was off to pay. So what did I get?

Red flats.

And these, which weren’t even on my radar, but are actually really cute on.

All in all, I have to say I was impressed with the shoes for $40. But the clothes, not so much. And the people, not at all. I’m just wondering when those who think they can resell this stuff on Ebay for jacked up pricing are going to get a clue.