How I Lied to My Mother: Part 1 of my Holiday Vacay


{Wearing: Sullivan Dress: c/o Kit & Ace (which is so comfy I chose it as car ride apparel). Boots: Bib + Tuck. Necklace: c/o FindsPhotographed by Jorge Camaraza.}

You should never, ever, ever lie to your mother. I mean, she probably told you that at least once in your life—if you’re a saint. Chances are you heard that on repeat because you’re not. Well, I broke Mom’s cardinal rule for the entire month of December. You see, I surprised Milly with a trip to North Carolina to see snow for Christmas and, well, Jorge suggested stopping to see my mom along the way on the trip up, which I also didn’t tell Milly about until Christmas morning. Let’s just say the level of excitement about seeing B.B. (my mama) and her cousins was next level. So, a few weeks before, I called my step-dad and put the whole thing into motion. On Christmas Eve, he told my brother. My brother, in a moment of blabbermouth, told my sister-in-law. So, in the end, the people who knew turned out to be everyone except my mom and my niece and nephew, but it was still an amazing surprise.

The first official lie started when my Mom asked me how we were getting to North Carolina. “Ummmmm, flying, yeah,” I told her on Facetime. I feel like she could watch my nose grow as the lie spewed out of my face. I’m a pathetic liar. Like, the worst. Then, I called her and told her I mailed the Christmas gifts but they wouldn’t get there in time. Another lie. I didn’t mail anything. Why spend postage when I would be there in a few days? Then, the guilt started: “Why can’t you come home for Christmas? Why? We’re sure going to miss you. Are you sure you can’t come home?” Man, she was laying it on THICK. What she didn’t know is that I’d been planning to invade her house the whole time. But in order to do so, I had to twist the truth into a ton of new directions. Yeah, sure, you shouldn’t lie to your mom. I’ll tell Milly that all day long. But sometimes, your mother doesn’t know best. Like when she’s nagged you to come home for every holiday since you last saw her and you plan to but want to get her so good she thinks her head is going to explode. So, on Sunday afternoon, we rolled into the Middle of Nowhere Panhandle (hence this pic of me in the field above), crept the car down the dirt road to her house (like I said middle of nowhere), snuck out of the car, tip-toed across the forest to the front door and blew her mind. I captured the whole thing on my new Polaroid Cube. Check it out below.


After my mom was able to put her heart back into her chest, we feasted on a lunch my step-dad Jeff spent 12 hours cooking and I got to catch up with my family that I haven’t seen since the summer. It was one of the best gifts anyone could have given me. The kids playing, Jorge meeting my entire clan, laughing, smiling, taking strolls down nostalgia lane. If this was the beginning of my winter vacay, it was off to a perfect start.