Let’s Get Through 2013 Without …

There are some things I’m eager to see die out in the new year. Among them:

Glitter shoes. It’s like a DIY art project that will scrape the skin off your legs. I have respect if you applied the glitter yourself, but otherwise, I’m just not feeling this trend.

Skulls on everything. I realize I’m probably going to take some heat for this one and I’m down with some dead heads here and there, but in moderation. Serious moderation. Skull shoes, bags, scarves, bracelets, rings, hats, pants, tops … let’s get back to living, shall we? Unless you are a pirate. Well, then, go ahead and skull it up.

Neon. I love how bold colors make a statement. But neon colors are for attracting a plane flying overhead when you are trapped on a deserted island. Just scream, “hey, look at me”  if you need some attention. It’s less blinding.

Spikes. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take a spike and a stud on this or that. And I love the punk look of the late’70s, but I’m not into staking people so a little of this goes a very long, long way for me. I get it, you feel like a badass when you toss on your spikes, but unless you are willing to go full mohawk, reitre ’em.

And there you have it, my wish list for things I hope die down in 2013.

Photos plucked from Pinterest.