Pitstop in Aspen … My Colorado Adventure Part 5


{Wearing: Marshall Dress and Belt: c/o Ramona LaRue. Hat: Vintage. Photographed by Jorge Camaraza.}


After a day of train spotting, fly fishing and horseback riding, we headed back to our Hampton by Hilton and crashed. It had been a long day, to say the least, so full of adventure, slumber was the only option at that point. A night of sleep in our fresh sheets was as necessary as breathing. We had not only checked off all the boxes on our bucket list, we had captured them in a way wanderers longed for. And yet, the next day, we were eager to wake and find one last adventure, one more thing to add to the journey. The joy of staying at the Hampton by Hilton in Glenwood Springs was its proximity to neighboring towns, meaning the accessibility to whatever you craved, desired was literally just a ride away. And that’s how I wound up in Aspen. I’d never seen it, but always wanted to. So, on our last day, the final leg of this outstanding journey, we mounted our Indian motorcycle and hit the road, the open road that wait before us, beckoning us to go wherever it lead. Knowing the end was near made it bittersweet in a way that created both a lump in my throat and a rush of adrenaline as we roared off down the winding road, headed straight to Aspen.



As we neared the entrance to Aspen, a beautiful field of wildflowers rest alongside the welcome sign, water in the distance, mountains supporting the horizon. We slowed the bike, pulling over to the side of the road and I ran to the field, all the while Tom Petty’s “Wildflowers” echoing through my head as he snapped pics:

“Run away, find you a lover
Go away somewhere all bright and new
I have seen no other
Who compares with you”



There’s something about a field of wildflowers that speaks to a girl’s soul. Add mountains, a lake, a vintage hat, a motorcycle and your best friend and, well, kismet. Aspen turned out to be everything I’d hoped for, wandering along the streets, stopping in stores, buying gifts for kiddo back home, having a nice glass of rose, savoring dessert at a local spot, all with him walking hand in hand alongside me. Inside I knew this trip was coming to a close, and soon we would be back in Miami, where sand replaced flowers growing wild and free and traffic prevented tasting the wind on your lips as you careened through the streets on the back of a bike. So I breathed it in. I reveled in it. And I let myself feel alive, so alive. All good things must come to an end, and I could see ours rapidly approaching.