Peace Love and Alina’s World

{Chanel tee: DIY + Bib + Tuck. Skirt: Alexis. Bag: Aldo. Necklace: c/o Express. Bracelet: Tactic Bangle c/o Swarovski. Shoes: Jimmy Choo. Sunnies: Aldo. Photographed by the awesome socks Kristin Clark of Living in Color Print.}

I snagged this Chanel baby tee off Bib +Tuck a thousand years ago. Shortly after getting it, I performed a DIY procedure where I trimmed the sleeves and neck off, and I’ve been waiting to wear it with my Alexis skirt ever since. The opportunity finally arose last week when Alina Villasante invited me to her home to preview the summer collection for her brand, Peace Love World. I was as eager to see the collection (there’s a lightweight leather jacket that is a yes, must must) as I was to check out her digs. My curiosity paid off. Alina’s home is as beautiful as she is, both inside and out. And it’s full of all sorts of things I totally would have stolen if I had a cloak of invisibility to throw over them. Case in point, these chairs. How amazing are they? They made the perfect backdrop for an impromptu shoot, thanks to Kristin Clark’s camera-wielding skills. Alina’s home is also full of inspiring art and murals that reflect the messages in her line, like the one I commandeered as a selfie backdrop below. She lives her brand, which makes the message behind Peace Love World that much more special. It was a beautiful afternoon on the bay. And being welcomed into her home was such a treat. As were the cupcakes below.