Sunday Funday With Pavan Hits Miami Style Mafia

So what happens when you take local fashion bloggers and members of the Miami Style Mafia: Daniela Ramirez of Nany’s KlozetAna Ortuno or Chic Streets and EatsAnnie Vazquez of The Fashion PoetMaria Tettamanti of The Wordy Girl and Simonet Pereira of Miami Style Mafia and give them a Sunday funday, courtesy of Pavan? A little bit of this:

Which did we have more of at brunch at Cecconi’s at Soho Beach House: Pavan and champagne or chocolate chip pancakes covered in whipped cream and strawberries? That’s a tough call. But I was up for the challenge. All in the name of the Pavan Hits Miami Style contest, where bloggers vied for a chance to attend NY Fashion Week and voters were automatically entered to win a trip to France.

Next stop: Bella Beach. Sun, sand and …

shopping at The Orchid Boutique trunk show. Let’s also just say we devoured those racks filled with L Space, Mara Hoffman, Maaji and Maio Swim like they were chocolate chip pancakes.

In the end, I went with the L Space Sahara Dream fringe from L Space. But I secretly plan to raid Maria’s closet for the Mara Hoffman Basket Weave dress she scored.

Speaking of which, here it is.

And I could have nabbed it while Maria was getting a massage.

But then I got pre-occupied with the awesomeness of my own reflexology session. And it was just as delicious as chocolate chip pancakes. And Pavan and champagne.

Final stop, courtesy of Winston our driver, whom we subjected to waaaay too much blogger chat: The Freehand Miami for Pavan and pineapple punch at The Broken Shaker. Yum. And … psychic readings by Mrs A Marion. She confirmed I will in fact be stealing Maria’s dress. Kidding. But on a serious note, cheers to a great day. To see what else we did on our adventure, check out #PavanMiamiStyle on Twitter. You can find me at @GingerHarris.

Note: I have been compensated by Pavan Liqueur for making these statements regarding its products. All statements made by me regarding Pavan Liqueur represent my honest opinions based on my actual experience with the products.